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Dalai Lama: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness”

Dalai Lama: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness”

The man whose religion is kindness says “the secret of happiness lies within the kind attitude that a person has for another”. The Dalai Lama believes that being kind is the key to get rid of all miseries present on the earth. This world is an ocean of grief and tragedies. For staying happy and contented a mutual feeling of kindness and compassion is a must. There is no other possible way to bring peace to humankind other than compassion. Had those terrorists been compassionate, no man would have had to die for his religious choice, no child would have been living a life of an orphan or no woman would have to travel thousands of miles in the search of refuge.


Sadly, even imagine a world without any conflict is so difficult and at a point it becomes almost disturbing. We belong to a brainwashed generation. As told by George Orwell, we have been taught that “Ignorance is Strength” and “War is Peace”. Values of Love, kindness, friendship, generosity, compassion, tolerance and service are gradually vanishing.

Buddhism has always encouraged us to awaken our hearts, our consciousness. It believes in in the inner awakening. With the help of meditation we can actually feel that compassion in ourselves which we feel is slipping away day by day. Altruism is something which is deep down inside everyone but it is laden by the weight of greed and chaos.

One basic principle is, “What you feel is what you attract.” Many people do not want to be kind to others because according to them they will always get hatred and backstabbing in return. But this is not true. Initially you could be the victim of negativity but if you keep your positivity on, you would be able to change the world around you. There was only one Buddha who changed the way world perceived religion. Spirituality and religion are two sides of the same coins.

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The ultimate goal of man is Salvation. Salvation is attained when man is satisfied, his soul is satisfied and satisfaction comes from happiness. Happiness from within, happiness from others and happiness from the almighty is what a man wants.

True happiness according to his holiness The Dalai Lama comes from Kindness. Be kind to others, to animals, to plants, to mother earth and most importantly your soul. Your soul, which ultimately joins that great soul which is the mysterious power binding everything together.

The moment you start thinking just about yourself, your mind gets narrowed and you are forever stuck in this rat-race of the world. For joining the great being, for joining the cosmos, one needs to be compassionate and serve the mankind. Love is contagious. One act of love and kindness can change someone’s life forever. All you need to do is feel empathy and sympathy both. Ours is a world and soul to heal. It will be happy only when served with warm kindness. There is no other secret than this!

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