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Dealing With A Rebellious Teenager? Here’s Your Parenting Guide To Be A Fab Parent

Dealing With A Rebellious Teenager? Here’s Your Parenting Guide To Be A Fab Parent

Has your teenage child been arguing with you a lot lately? Does he or she throw tantrums at the slightest issue? Do you feel he or she is hiding things from you? If your answer is yes to most of the above questions, then you certainly belong to the majority group of parents, those of a rebellious teenager.

And no, there’s no need to lose sleep over this. After all you too were young once and your parents must have told you what a difficult teenager you too were. This is not the age to control them but to make them see sense with logic and reasoning. In fact if you influence them correctly at this age, you will lay the foundation of them being independent, responsible adults. Read on to find out how…

Make time for your teenager: A common reason why teenagers become rebellious is they are neglected by their parents. What you feel is your love for them by working hard and giving them the pocket money to fulfil their wants and needs can actually be seen as a sign of neglect by them.

Take them out shopping with you, plan a movie date with their friends, go out for a coffee date together and have a long chat about their emotions, the things they feel or think of, their aspirations and goals for life. You time is more valuable than the luxuries you give them.

understand you teenager

Understand them: At this age, children are every sensitive and can be touchy. Understanding them and dealing with their insecurities and fears is pivotal to ensure they grow up to be confident and successful individuals. Besides making enough time for them, talk to them and understand what’s bothering them.

They may be reluctant to share stuff with you initially, but probing deep into the matter carefully and lovingly will help the open up to you and become treat you as their confidant. Be a listener to them and develop a comfortable space where they know they are not being judged and there’s no pressure to be perfect. Let them know that you have been there, done that, and hence know what they are going through.

Learn with them: The times are constantly changing. Be it technology, behavioural patterns, etiquette or social norms, your children are not growing up in the same world that you grew up in. As their parent, be with them in this learning process so that it will let them know they are not alone in the journey. More importantly you will learn, experience and understand the things they are learning. Hold their hand in this thrilling adventure called adolescence and learn a thing or two with your child who is now turning into a wonderful adult.

Consult a psychologist: If things get too violent or out of control at home, there may be some serious issue with your child or even you. Either your child may be undergoing some severe stress or it may be you who needs to slow down and look at things from a third person’s perspective. A psychologist will be able to analyse the situation calmly and in an experienced manner, which will help you find the solution to your problem faster and restore the peace at home.

Be patient: Lastly, if all these techniques seem to be giving no result, just be patient. Patient with your child and patient with yourself. You are not failing as a parent, but are only discovering a new side to your child which must be dealt with carefully. If none of the methods you tried to reconcile with your child has helped him or her, just remember one thing, time heals everything, even this phase in your child’s life. What is important is to be patient and your child will sooner or later grow out of this phase.

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