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Diseases – The Calls Of The Soul

Diseases – The Calls Of The Soul

Healer and Reiki Master Manoj Soral, writes about diseases being the universe’s signal to help you connect with your inner self. He shares some personal insights in the journey of healing.

Suffering or diseases are like points mapping the incredibly complex journey of our souls. As the term explains, it is dis-ease, the state in which you feel an absence of ease in your body and mind. They are biological and psychological beeps forcing our attention to the spirit. In fact, if it weren’t for these very loud and clear indicators, we would be quite clueless about which direction we are taking in life and what remains to be learnt.

However, our natural reaction to a disease is fear, anger and irritation or a feeling of helplessness. What is our dis-ease telling us? Are we able to decipher the message our spirit is sending through our body? That is what we need to think about whenever we notice an ailment rearing its head. And once we begin the inner exploration, what begins to get revealed is startling. Very often, what we see as our weaknesses turn out be our real strengths. And vice versa!

What is even more fascinating are the layers and layers of thought processes, perceptions and beliefs that we keep filing away within us. Right from our childhood, we keep creating a colossal baggage of mostly rubbish! During my self-healing, I discovered some extremely old issues with their accompanying images which were so outrageously irrelevant to the present. All they were doing now was sapping my energy. And the moment I released them, I felt incredibly light.

This inner journey is difficult. One has to live through that pain and this time, without judging or labeling it or rationalizing it. And while you are rummaging through the inner garbage, there are sharp things that poke you, leaving you with a few cuts and bruises. There are hard things which cause you immense pain as you bang into them.

That is where flower essences, Reiki and mantras help. They protect you from getting badly injured once again. And you clean up without getting hurt and taking up much time. And when you succeed in cleaning up your inner attic smoothly, the first feeling is of a deep satisfaction and a lightness of being. Thus, the journey continues. What a trip it is!

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