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Speed Up Your Metabolism The Ayurvedic Way: Pitta (Fire) Dosha

Speed Up Your Metabolism The Ayurvedic Way: Pitta (Fire) Dosha

Yesterday, we spoke about foods which are best suited for people with the vata (air) dosha (energy), as prescribed by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. Today we look at right kind of food to be eaten for people who are governed by the Pitta dosha, or fire element.

People with pitta dosha are generally characterised by strong, muscular and energetic bodies with a high metabolism rate and a healthy appetite, which means they are the luckiest of the lot in terms of enjoying food to the fullest. However, they also need to slow down and concentrate on their food, otherwise they may tend to overeat.

Excessive internal heat also means they are prone to ulcers, inflammation, high blood pressure, bruises and migraines. Their body type prefers foods which are sweet, astringent and bitter, and should avoid foods which are oily, light, spicy, pungent, sour, acidic or salty.

So if you are governed by the pitta dosha, follow a diet consisting of organic, fresh foods which are juicy, cooling and sweet with high water content. Such kinds of foods cool the body, improve digestion, reduce internal heat and inflammation and balance the pitta dosha.

Follow a specific regime with the following guidelines to use the fire (heat) within you to your advantage and not to your detriment.

Breakfast: Have a light meal with lots of fresh ingredients such as a fruit salad, omelette and toast, oatmeal and milk with dried fruits and nuts, oatmeal with condiments and maple syrup, quinoa with mint, cilantro and red onion, fennel bulb pesto, or anything which is sweet, cooling and high in carbs.

Lunch: Lunch should be heavier and energising, so that the rest of your work day stays pleasant and productive. Opt for tofu and collard greens with wild rice, moond dal khichdi, split pea soup with a salad and buttered toast, whole wheat pasta with fresh veggies, herbs and olive oil, quinoa salmon burger, beet pear burger, carrot soup, plain cumin rice, rice with zucchini and carrots, asparagus and mushroom rice with black pepper, coconut rice, chickpea with coconut pesto and others which suit your palate but do not aggravate your pitta dosha.

Dinner: Dinner should be lighter than lunch, but still nourishing and satisfying. It can have the same menu as lunch, but consume it in smaller portions so that you do not overfill yourself and cause indigestion and inflammation.

Snacks: As mentioned earlier, opt for sweet and cooling foods such as melons, apple pie, cream cheese celery stalks, vanilla wafers, a rose petal drink, coconut water, fresh juices, shakes and teas such as cumin coriander and fennel tea, cardamom ginger and fennel tea, ginger cardamom tea.

Food is meant to be enjoyed as a gift of Nature. So choose foods which are best suited for your dosha and stay fit and fab.


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