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Feel Like 20 Even In Your 40’s!

Feel Like 20 Even In Your 40’s!

Growing old is certainly an irreversible process. But it doesn’t mean that it you need to slow down with the passing years. Life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished for the short time we have it, so make yourself feel younger again by following these simple tips.

Mind what you eat: A healthy diet goes a long way in making you feel and look good. Avoid processed food and stick to fresh, natural and unprocessed foods which energise you from within and do not mess with your internal system.

Exercise: This is something you need to do whatever age group you belong to. However busy you are, a 30-minute exercise routine is a must since as you well know, it keeps your body young, fit and healthy and strengthens your immunity and metabolism. Result: A fitter mind, body and soul!

Go backpacking: Travelling teaches you certain skill sets such as survival skills, openness, independence, value for freedom and leadership skills which can make you love and value your life more and increase your confidence and zest for life.

Sleep: Yes, just sleep! Isn’t being young so simple?! Inadequate sleep affects our mood and health by reducing leptin stimulation, which makes us gain weight and brings down our energy levels. So getting enough sleep as per your bodily requirements is key to staying healthy and younger.

Do something different: Move away from your daily schedule and incorporate something new in your life, be it learning a language, pursuing your educational goals or just volunteering at a local NGO. A change in your lifestyle opens your mind to different things and keeps it young and active.

Compliment yourself: Who doesn’t love a good compliment? Instead of waiting for someone to else to compliment you, simply compliment yourself and see the wonders it does to your mood and day. Saying a few kind and positive words to yourself, especially at the start of the day gives a great boost your confidence and self-esteem and improves your belief in yourself.

De-stress: Stress is a major culprit for making us look older than we are. If you can’t change something, it simply means there is no need to stress over it! And if you can change it, then what’s the need to stress?! Be cool and calm and accept whatever life throws at you, be it a new challenge or a life-changing opportunity, and find twenty years erased from your face.

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