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Fire: The Element of Spiritual Symbolism

Fire: The Element of Spiritual Symbolism

We all visit temples in order to fulfil our desires and apologise for our sins. Temples are an epitome of spirituality and so are havana’s, diyas, candles and their flames. The dark yellow shade attraction is quite enchanting and captivating. The commencement of Hinduism itself is marked by auspicious havan that emanates deep intense flames from within. Besides Hinduism, a fire has an extremely predominate role-play in all the religions. The sacred fire acts as a connecting medium between god and mankind. The ghee, camphor, incense sticks and candles symbolise the removal of ego and evilness from a human being. The flame primarily purifies human thoughts and sets it fee from wrong motives. A ritual that is performed by using fire purifies the environment as well as psychic bodies. It marks the beginning good or destruction of bad.

The spiritual diyas and havan are not only pious in nature but are scientifically proven to generate that positive aura which sets everything correct. Havans are indispensable and integral part of Hindu weddings. The seven oaths are taken around the havan kund that represents god of fire. The offerings made before the fire are said to directly reach the almighty. At the end of each shlokas, swaha is enchanted which means burning of ego in fire; swa means self and ha means to burn ego.


During the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom surround the havan kund and pray for their marriage to last eternally. The main purpose of the havan kund is to seek blessings from God, friends and relatives. The priest is made to sit towards the north for enchanting various mantras in Sanskrit and managing the holy fire.

The fire lamps too have immense spiritual significance. The ghee and oil symbolise negative tendencies while the wick symbolises human ego. When a lamp is lit, it slowly exhausts the human ego and takes human thoughts upwards. Therefore, fire is always seen to burn upwards.  The magnetic rays produced out of diya changes the entire atmosphere drastically. The positivity of a fire lamp penetrates within the human nervous system and cures various ailments. The various types of fire lamps include:

  • Gold lamps
  • Silver lamps
  • Brass lamps
  • Clay lamp

The type of each lamp and the number of cotton wicks used has different significances.  For instance; gold lamp is lighted for health and wealth, whereas as clay lamp is lighted for offering extreme kind of prayers. Similarly, a single wick symbolises a normal communication medium, whereas more than one wick is used for progeny, knowledge, harmony and renunciation from god.  Various shlokas have to be enchanted while lighting the lamps.

Use of Fire for pain relief in Chinese and other traditions

When it comes to curing chronic and the most deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and kidney failure, then fire therapies have their own significance in Chinese and Buddhist culture. Treatment of ailments by fire is known to be the fourth most revolutionary invention by mankind. It has exalting results that have even surpassed the best of medical treatments. The fire therapists undertake various safety measures before any such initiation. They focus upon the appropriate acupuncture points and use a wet towel in order to maintain the balance of hot and cold. The well-versed therapists have never seen any accidents throughout their careers. They have not received any medical certifications, yet they have been proven to create miracles. Yam Tong, a kidney patient who underwent fire therapy says” I had intense kidney failure and the only way for me to survive was dialysis. I later came to know about the fire therapy and chose to try it in order to overcome my problems. Soon I witnessed my Creatinine levels falling down. I even began to felt much healthier than before”. Till date, there are so many patients who are enjoying a much healthier life after implementing the very effective fire therapy. The method of curing through fire is not only responsible for curing physical pains, but also mental injuries and distress.

Fire therapies are not only prevalent in china, but also in various other parts of the world including New Zealand and Hong Kong. The fire dragon therapy is one of the most common therapies for maintenance of youthful energy, wrinkle reduction and flattened tummy. The fire therapies are much affordable without any need of health insurance.


Importance of Candle or a Flame in Meditations

The world is full of distractions and we might find ourselves getting lost in them. Every one of us has wandering minds and negative thoughts surrounding us. In such a situation, meditation only remains as a survival option.

Candle-light meditation is not like the normal meditation in which the person has to keep his/her eyes shut and deep think about a particular phenomenon. It is rather about keeping the eyes wide open and staring at the flame while concentrating on some imaginary objects.

As soon you commence with this form of meditation, you should target a subtle place to get seated. Switch off all the lights and cover the windows. Although, there is no compulsion to keep the room dark, but the main idea is to create a dim set-up. Ensure that the temperature of the room is a comfortable enough so that you can meditate for a longer span.

Soon after you make all the necessary arrangements, light a candle and sit around 50cm away from it. The candle should be kept at the eye level so that you can easily look over its fame. You can sit cross-legged or choose a chair to sit. Begin gazing at the candle flame and gradually indulge yourself in some peaceful thoughts. Gradually, you will find a lot of mental stability and peace from within. Make sure that you don’t look anywhere else apart from the candle flame. As you focus on the flame, there shall be variegated color dispersion that symbolises energy and clarity of vision. You can select different kinds of colored candles so that you can achieve the desired colored aura with ease.

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