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Five Best Spa Destinations Around The World: Part 1

Five Best Spa Destinations Around The World: Part 1

Everyone needs a little indulgence now and then and what better way to soak yourself in aromatic oils and receive an invigorating massage from one who knows what he/she is doing! A spa is one of the best ways to indulge in a little extra TLC and to emerge fresh-faced, relaxed and happy.

In this 5 part series, we list out the best spa destinations you should visit in your lifetime.

Kerala: Kerala, famous for its Ayurvedic spa centres, is one of the ancient spa destinations of the world, where locals as well as foreigners flock in hordes for healing and relaxation. An expert masseur or masseuse rubs Ayurvedic oils into your body and activates your energy chakras for complete healing and rejuvenation. Rest assured you will return home feeling like the calmest and happiest person on earth, so pack your bags and head out to God’s own country for a truly divine experience.

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