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Five Celebrities Who Truly Believe In The Power Of Giving

Five Celebrities Who Truly Believe In The Power Of Giving

Life is a beautiful gift which is meant to be shared. The more you are blessed with the finer things in life, the more you need to give back to the society you received it from. Be it love, money, food, clothes, time or energy, giving is always an enriching and gratifying experience which makes us more thankful to the Universe for what we have and are blessed with. Here are five celebrities who understand the liberating power of sharing and philanthropy and help make the world a better place.

Dolly Parton: Legendary country singer Dolly Parton made headlines recently for her stupendous act of charity towards families whose houses were affected by a wildfire, in her hometown Sevier County in Tennessee. Her Dollywood Foundation has set up the ‘My People Fund’, which has pledged to donate $1000 million to the 14,000 people who were left homeless in the mishap. In a recent video statement, she said, “I’ve always believed that charity begins at home,” and has proved it with her generous act, which will help attract notice to the condition of these families and help them find a home as soon as possible.

Shah Rukh Khan: Shah Rukh Khan, who is known as the Badshah (king) of Bollywood, is a Badshah in real life too. He is the only Indian to be awarded the Pyramide con Marni award by the UNESCO for his unending list of charity work. Although his charitable acts are not publicised like those of other celebs, he is a regular donator to various causes, be it the foundation for physically disabled children ‘Make A Wish’, the 2015 Chennai floods, the 2012 adoption of 12 villages by him, the 2010 Pakistan floods or the 2004 Indian tsunami. The reason for his low profile in the case of his charity work was explained by him in an interview to CNN-IBN, “I don’t like talking about it [charity]. A lot of people and my friends always tell me I should do photographs and stuff when I meet some people. But I don’t believe in it. It is a true thing that if I believe in a cause, I should do it silently and not use my persona as an actor to advocate that.” Here is one rare actor who is immensely generous, yet does not use his acts of kindness to further his image. Kudos to Shah Rukh!

Taylor Swift: The 26-year-old pop star is immensely popular for her charity initiatives and also topped’s Celebs Gone Good list for the fourth consecutive year in 2015. In the same year, she donated $50,000 to a young female leukaemia patient for her treatment, $50,000 to her backup dancer’s nephew who is undergoing treatment for cancer, $50,000 to the Seattle Symphony and 25,000 books to New York City schools.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is known to constantly donate his wealth towards various avenues of charity, has pledged $3 billion through his Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to eradicate “all disease” by the end of the twenty-first century. Though the goal sounds far-fetched and impossible, Mark has laid down a sound plan to achieve it and has provided the framework for a large group of scientists to act upon it in a Silicon Valley-like research centre called ‘Biohub’. The rich young billionaire has also donated 99 per cent of his company shares to charitable causes and $24 million to train developers in Africa, among other things.

Akon: The popular Senegalese-American R&B singer has lit up the lives of millions of people in Africa with his Akon Lighting Africa initiative, which has set up the Solar Academy to bring together African engineers for the installation and maintenance of solar-powered electricity systems and micro grids. This initiative will bring electricity to the homes of 600 million people, while also providing employment to a large number of locals and improving the overall standard of living in the nation.

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