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Get Great Skin The Ayurvedic Way: Kapha (Water) Dosha

Get Great Skin The Ayurvedic Way: Kapha (Water) Dosha

In the third and concluding part of the series on eating right according to Ayurveda, we focus on the Kapha (water) dosha, a powerful element which regulates our health and is essential for internal lubrication, blood circulation and smooth body functioning.

Kapha is the primary element which balances the fluids within the body and determines the kind of body structure one grows to have. People with the Kapha dosha are usually characterised by a strong build, great skin and high stamina.

But they may also suffer from excessive weight gain, lethargy, sinusitis, oily skin and hair, congestion, bloating and water retention. In order to avoid such problems, Kapha dosha must avoid foods which are sweet, sour, salty, oily, cold and heavy. Prefer light, dry, warm, bitter, spicy and astringent foods which will boost digestion, balance the bodily temperature and power your internal system.

Follow a healthy diet as prescribed below to ensure you eat the right foods which suits your constitution.

Breakfast: Breakfast must be consistent with the light meal plan prescribed for Kapha dosha. Restrict your food intake to fresh fruit, herbal, black or green tea and/ or cereals with warm or hot milk. This will ensure you have a good start to your day and stay powered till lunchtime. Avoid kapha-aggravating foods such as cooked oatmeal, pasta, pancakes and wheat.

Lunch: Kapha dosha must consume hot soups and fresh veggies which are spiced and astringent in nature to control weight gain, bloating and lethargy. Avoid brown and white rice, but wild rice and basmati rice are not off limits. End your meal with yoghurt or buttermilk to round off your lunch with a punch.

Dinner: While dinner is usually meant to be light so as to promote digestion at night, people with Kapha dosha must be particularly careful to go light on their last meal for the day to avoid bloating and weight gain. Consume more of hot soups, stews and salads and if you still feel hungry, add toast or a small portion of rice to your dinner to avoid hunger pangs at night.

Munchies: Fruits and nuts are your best friends. People with Kapha dosha will do well avoiding sweet, salty, cold, fried and oily foods which cause lethargy and water retention. Stick to natural, fresh ingredients which balance your body and promote digestion and metabolism.

Beverages/ liquids: Drink hot tea spiced with ginger and/ or cardamom for maximum health benefits. You can also consume buttermilk and warm low fat milk. Do not have cold milk and juices for the simple reason that they are Kapha-aggravating and disturb the internal balance.

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