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Healthy Ways To Enjoy Your Favourite Street Food

Healthy Ways To Enjoy Your Favourite Street Food

Mumbai, known for its eclectic mix of food delights ranging from Parsi, Moghlai, South Indian, Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Lebanese, European and others, is the perfect haven for foodies, and leaves even tourists spoilt for choice. Mumbai is not only the tourist capital of India, but also a melting pot for world cuisine. But despite the broad range of world cuisine, nothing beats the mouthwatering street foods which you can find at every nook and corner! Chaat is an all-time favourite of every Mumbaikar, while vada pavs and samosa pavs are a staple. While the native residents are quite comfortable with the few extra kilos they gain, travellers are more conscious of the calories. Here are the Street foods you shouldn’t miss and how to enjoy them without worrying about the calories.

Chaat: If you simply can’t resist chaat every time you see that pani puri wala, this tip can help you. Instead of ordering for pani puri or sev puri, opt for bhel. It is light and healthier and helps you avoid the fried sev and puris. If possible, also avoid potatoes and the spicy chutney, which will only show around your tummy afterwards.

Fried snacks: Vada pavs, samosa pavs and dhabeli are the pride of Mumbai! However, the fried items can put our stomach in serious trouble, through weight gain and poor digestion. So ask the vendor to bake your favourite food, so that you can avoid the unwanted fat that comes free with it. Similarly opt for steamed dhoklas and chivda over fried snacks such as farsan.

Sandwiches: If you love the sandwiches made around your street corner, try to go for brown bread and more vegetables and avoid processed cheese. It will make your sandwich fresher and healthier and help you enjoy eating without guilt! Also ask for less butter and restrict the amount of butter used to the outsides of the bread.

South Indian food: Since the time South Indian food crossed the borders and made its way to Mumbai, it has been a favoured food by most office-goers and college students. However, the South Indian food cooked and sold by local vendors can be unhealthy, due to the excessive oil and butter that comes along with it. Ask for less butter in your dosa and dip your hand in the sambar and lick your fingers if that’s your style, but consume less chutney. And avoid the masala dosa and medhu vadas, since they too have loads of oil in them. So opt for plain dosas, idlis and Mysore dosas.

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