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How Aromatherapy Can Help Alleviate Stress and Pain?

How Aromatherapy Can Help Alleviate Stress and Pain?

The practice of using the oils of natural flowers, bark stems, leaves and roots for the purpose of psychological and physical well being is called aromatherapy. The essential oils are inhaled for stimulating the organ and brain functionality. These essential oils can be absorbed by the skin where they simply travel through the bloodstream for promoting the healing process of the entire body.

Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medicine. It has numerous applications for mood relief, enhanced cognitive functionality and pain relief. Different kinds of essential oils are used for different purposes. People suffering from a sleep apnea are often introduced with aromatherapy on regular basis.


Aromatherapy has been used since ages when stems of flowers were used for a wide range of functions. Some of the most common countries to practice aromatherapy include India, England, United States and France. The therapy is carried by involving vapour oils, herbal distills, absolutes and phytoncides. If you ever go for aromatherapy then do ask for an elaborated literature from your administrator for receiving a rough idea of their services.

The aroma of the flowers is more impactful than their core oils. Blending of all the essential oils together and then heating them to such an extent that they form into common vapors for instantly curing maladies is what aromatherapy is all about. However, if the expert way of creating an oil mixture is not followed that it can give births to variegated side-effects and allergies as well.


Some of the most common measures of aromatherapy include:

  • Stress relief: The prominent usage of aromatherapy is for stress relief. The aromatic relaxants together work to bring down the anxiety levels and eliminate your stress. Some of the people tend to perform aromatherapy at home itself. The creation of oil mix is really simple. It just needs little study to get the best effects. The oils that can be used for relieving stress levels include lavender, rose, jasmine, marigold, bergamot and vetiver.  Some of the studies have also proven that adding lemon in the aromatherapy can reduce the anger outbursts.
  • Antidepressants: peppermint, jasmine, chamomile and lavender together can together relieve depression.
  • Memory: the worst part of getting old is having short memory. Older people suffer from dramatic memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. Aromatherapy often serves as an alternative to dementia and other supplemental treatments.
  • Boosted energy levels: the polluted atmosphere and routine activities often result in toxic accumulation within the body. The essential oils help in the natural purification of blood. Some of the best essential oils for instigating purification include angelica, jasmine, tea tree, rosemary and clove.


Always consult your doctor before initiating any form of aromatherapy. You body can be allergic to certain substances and oils which only a health expert can detect. Do not try to mix and inhale anything at a random. Always seek for professional help. We hope this information will help you bring about positive change in over wellbeing.

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