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How Different Religions Perceive God!!!

How Different Religions Perceive God!!!

God is pervasive and is eternally the same for all. But have you ever thought that why do people believe in different religions considering their religion to be the superior one amongst all? This is because people of different cultures interpret the divine or God in their own ways. Idols are commonly taken as representation of God. Every human according to his religion worships the idol of his choice.

Different traditions inspire religious art and literature which has also introduced devotional objects that the people worship. Each religion has separate beliefs the existence of God; his message to people and the benefit one can gain from that religion are conveyed and interpreted in a different ways by all. These are some of the major religions and their beliefs:

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

Hinduism: Hindus believe in a single divine or God they consider Brahman as the one who has created universe. He takes different forms of Gods and Goddesses that are worshiped by all. Hindus believe in karma or the actions of previous life. They further believe that the actions of past lives impact the present life of a person. Therefore, pain, suffering and diseases are all the repercussions of past. Hindus also believe in liberating their soul from karma so that their soul becomes free and is excluded from the cycle of rebirths.

Meditation Buddhist Monk Buddhism Enlightenment

Buddhism:  Buddhists do not believe in the concept of worshipping Idols. Buddha who attained spiritual enlightenment guided people to attain freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Buddhism aims to sacrifice the worldly pleasures and desires to attain nirvana. They focus on meditation to achieve self- discipline. Principles, values and discipline are taught in Buddhism.



Islam:  Allah is considered as the one who has created universe and everything in a person’s life happens according to his will. Islam does not practice idol worshipping, but they believe that God sends messiah to do the needful. He is immortal and merciful he provides guidance and helps those who suffer. Islam prohibits description of Allah in any form and believes that a man gets rewarded or punished after death according to his religious devotion. Muhammad was considered as the last prophet of Islam. 

According to him:

  1. Recite the name of Allah
  2. Daily recite prayers 5 times a day
  3. Contribute to the poor  
  4. During Ramadan fast by avoiding food, drink and smoke
  5. Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime for worshipping the holy shrine


Christianity:  Christianity believes that God is eternal, powerful and kind. Father, son and Holy Spirit are the three different supernatural forms of God. Jesus and his stay on earth taught people to develop a relationship with God and find peace and happiness by connecting with him. Bible is considered as the written message of God to humans. This religion tells you to have faith in God and ask mercy for your sins, the almighty God will forgive you if you confide in him. God answers all prayers therefore turn to him in the situation of distress.
Irrespective of the different religions a person follows one should learn to develop a connection with God. Meditation and praying can heal your soul from within. Different religions can teach you to be either religious or spiritualistic.  Your soul can guide you to the path it wants to follow.

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