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How God Can Led You Out of Depression?

How God Can Led You Out of Depression?

In our daily lives, we often get depressed due to work pressure or several other issues, but prolonged depression can lead to severe health issues and mental and emotional distress.

Depression can be defined as a state of emotional disorder which affects feelings, behaviour and overall mental state of a person. A depressed person can feel anxious, guilty, fearful as well as angry at any point of time. Depression can last either for a short span of time or for a long duration.

Depression feels like entering a dark cave. Once you enter, it becomes impossible to come out. People suffering from it are petrified in their lives thereby turning it painful and meaningless. It affects their soul in such a way that they become inactive and devoid of any emotion. Such people can either feel loved nor care towards anyone.

When you see your beloved suffering from depression, the best advice you can give to them is by telling them to resort to God. God is the one who is witnessing your sufferings each moment. Have faith in him he as he is the only one who can put an end to it.

God is everywhere

Often, people who suffer feel that God is far away. Even if he does exist, he is too busy with other things. Slowly you start losing hope and give up. God doesn’t promise to be physically present, but he does come close to you when you suffer. Remember, Jesus Christ the messiah or messenger of god had to suffer the most, didn’t god wish to help him? Surely he did. God always lends a helping hand. you just need to identify it.


Generate hope towards God. Divine faith in him can change your outlook towards life. Belief in god motivates you to live and helps you to find the path that leads to peace and victory. All your suffering will cease if you find yourself close to god. Believe the fact that he is your protector, he will fight for you.

Depressed people often have thoughts of ending their lives. They forget that their life is granted by god, he is the one who has a right to take it from you. God sends everyone to fulfil a purpose and you live till that purpose is fulfilled. A guardian angel can help you end your suffering. Have confidence and trust in God that he will send someone to look after you someday.

Commence with meditation
Start meditating and find the real meaning of everything that exists on this earth. Most of the scriptures convey the fact that meditation can help to overcome depression. It is also stated that God will help us find the correct path and he will protect us from being wayward. Bible says ‘Come close to god and he will come close to you’. Your trust and faith in God that he can heal your life is exceptionally important. Start praying to God every day. Sacrifice yourself to him and you will experience his mercy.


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