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How Rituals Can Help Us Achieve Sense of Control ?

How Rituals Can Help Us Achieve Sense of Control ?

In every culture and religion, rituals play a vital role in the lives of people.  Rituals are sequential activities that are performed because of the importance and value they hold. Pious Rituals take place during a ceremony, worships, marriages, oaths and purification rites. Even during pain or loss of a beloved, rituals are performed to satiate the soul of the dead. Rituals can help you achieve a sense of control because your involvement in the ritual can help you accept the death so that you stop lamenting over it. Rituals are done to void sufferings, attain spiritual progress and achieving wealth and success in life.

Rituals are not just confined to sacred ones; performed in temples. But these also encompasses small acts we perform in our daily lives such as going for holidays, considering something as your lucky charm and wearing certain coloured clothes consistently.

Hindu Rituals

Hindu Rituals

According to a research done by Professor Francesca Gino, Rituals can help reduce or alleviate grief or sadness. This proved true even for the ones who never believed in the authenticity of any rituals.  Rituals can help a person to feel better as it has the power to heal.

These rituals are the ones that were initiated to give peace and happiness to humans they can help you achieve positive state of mind. They can be harmless unless they don’t overpower you or control your life in every possible way.

Dark Rituals

Nowadays, people are performing releasing rituals to move on from the painful period of their life. To end the suffering from a bad and painful relationship they believe in the process of burning to overcome their past memories they burn letters or photographs of their ex relationships. The burning of materialistic memories brings an end to those bad memories that were associated with people in past. It is very important to master the art of letting go and embrace your future. If taken positively, rituals can help release sorrow and distress from your life for eternity.

In contrary there are certain rituals that are disgusting and hurtful; they can be called as a ritual for some and taboo for others. They give extreme pain in order to prove their faith and conviction. As can be seen in a ritual of Bondo which calls for female genital mutilation (FGM) or cutting off the external genitals of a woman, this is done by the refugee women of Sierra Leone to celebrate their return. Many such rituals are still prevalent which cause suffering and aversion to people. Such rituals should be banned from the society existent in the name of culture or tradition.



Rituals are a part and parcel of life. You cannot avoid them but there is a fine line between a belief and superstition. You ought to understand the difference so that you can restrain yourself from the rituals that are detrimental to you. Rituals can give closure to your past life and help you focus on your desires you just need to be have faith in them before you start accepting one in your life.

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