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How Spirituality Can Help You Overcome Sorrow And Hopelessness ?

How Spirituality Can Help You Overcome Sorrow And Hopelessness ?

Tears have a sacred meaning. They do not symbolise weakness, but they are epitome of power.  A single tear can have a multifaceted effect which the tongue cannot create. Tears are overwhelming messengers of deep contribution, unspeakable sanctity and grief.

The feelings of grief and hopelessness captivate all the living beings on earth. However, their intensities and overall duration varies from one person to another. One may feel that grieves are sapping away our energies thereby making it difficult for us to execute the routine tasks of the day. A tormented heart doesn’t inclines towards anyone. It feels aloof and practices seclusion most of the time. However, till when it should be prolonged? Of course we all need to kick out these feelings and replace them with the positive ones. How to do it? Let’s overpower it now.


Vent Out Completely

You would have often seen people trying to pacify you during the sad times. You might have also been told to stop your tears from overflowing. But, actually you should practice crying when something slams your heart. Never stop yourself from emanating the sorrow in form of tears. Tears are the only ways through which one can get rid of that burdensome heart and life stroking feelings.

Go Off To Sleep

Since, you have cried substantially and now you don’t feel like doing anything else, it would be better to go off to sleep.  Sleeping acts as a soothing balm for the human soul. It is the best medicine for any kind of emotional trauma. Definitely you will feel better after waking up.

Practice Mindfulness

By practice mindfulness, you shall be able to acknowledge the past experiences without creating any judgment about yourself. The practice of mindfulness changes the way human brain responds to grieves. It can additionally assist you to recover from melancholy. Mindfulness lets you channelize your thoughts to the present scenario and helps in invalidating rumination.


Meet Your Friends

Perhaps, meeting the ones with whom you can talk your heart out and enjoy some prosperous moments will let you somewhat combat mournfulness. Meeting your friends shall help you to avoid those doctrines which are saddening you. You might end up discussing your problem with them which is again helpful for a grief stricken heart.

Power of Sleep

Do Yoga Or Exercise

Yoga has the superpower to relief stress. It has been scientifically proven that practicing yoga releases certain hormones within the body that effortlessly encounter gloominess. You can practice yoga alone or with some fellow mates for a better experience. If you feel that the feeling of stress is restraining you from getting into strenuous exercise or yoga, maybe go out for a long walk in the open air. Walking can also help you to get distracted from your sorrow to a great extent.

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