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How Talking To Stranger Can Help You Open Up Yourself

How Talking To Stranger Can Help You Open Up Yourself

Your Elders must have always taught you to stay away from the strangers because of the bad and evil that they might have in them. However, in the current scenario, social media platforms would let you encounter many people are good, kind, generous, supportive and helpful particularly when someone asks them for help or advice.

Over the years you must have heard people saying “Open up yourself”, a lot. The word “Open up” means talking about yourself and sharing your inner thoughts and feelings to another person. Sometimes you might find it difficult to open up yourself to your close friends and parent, as they are going to be in your life for a long period of time.

People who don’t open up themselves are generally prone to get very moody and angry. So here below are some points that how talking to strangers can help you open up yourself:-

 1. You could be truthful to yourself

When you talk or discuss something with a stranger, you know that they don’t know you, and you won’t be seeing them again. Thus you could truthfully ask them something. Thus a stranger having no idea to take in the information or knowing anything about your state of affairs, they are forced to give an impersonal and fair reply. Hence you could not only be truthful to yourself but also to others.



 2. You can get rid of stress

There can be a time when you’ve wanting to get off something from your chest, but you don’t want anyone closest to know about it, so if you open up yourself with a stranger you release the tension that was eating you alive.

 3. No relationship or closeness

Strangers don’t judge you personally. Therefore, you are at ease to disclose yourself. You can tell them about everything in detail as no one else in your social circle will come to know about you.

 4. Fresh outlook

A stranger doesn’t know you. He/she is not aware of your beliefs, opinions and reputation in the society. They don’t know what people think about you. The advice given by them is absolutely unbiased and based on the situation.



 5. You could think out of box

When feel stuck to a problem, you should choose to talk to strangers. Getting to know a stranger can expand your mind, outlook and your frame of approach towards something. So if you are talking to strangers chances are, you are expanding your boundaries.

 6. You could gain Confidence

Talking to strangers is never easy but if you do, you will be amazed at how much it will help you. You could overcome your fears and get that needed confidence.

 7. Your Perspective in life

When you converse with a stranger, you tell them about your life and in turn, they tell you about their life stories. There is an exchange of experiences that include up and down, success and failures. This allows you to make better choices in your life. Just a few minutes of conversation with someone can help you to open up your mind and take like with a better perception altogether.

In order to commence talking to a stranger, you don’t need to reveal each and every detail of yours. You can simply start by picking up the latest movie or any other hot topic. Once you gain a rapport, you can continue talking to the contentment of your heart.

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