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How To Control Your Mind Before It Starts Controlling You

How To Control Your Mind Before It Starts Controlling You

The strenuous mental chatter and the constant wandering of mind can instil a lot of restless within you. The urge to achieve something and greed to conquer the world forms the major reason why are you unable to stay happy even when you are prosperous enough.

The proven 7 ways to achieve contentment through mind regulation

 1. Limit your wants

Don’t let your desires overrule you. The more you crave for materialist order, the more you shall stress yourself. Stay satiated with whatever you have. There is no end to desires, remain contented with the fundamental facilities of life and use whatever extra you have in helping others.

Mind control

 2. Keep silent

Don’t speak where your views are not needed. The more you interfere, the lesser happiness shall you find. Do not just give away advises when no one has asked for them. Save your energy and utilise it in the correct direction.

 3. Focus upon the optimism

If you keep focusing upon the negative side of life then you will never be able to use your capabilities to the fullest. Tell your mind “yes I can” and watch yourself climbing the ladder of success.

 4. Stop worrying

What can be the worst thing if this happens or does not happen? Just imagine the worst and prepare yourself for it from beforehand.  There is no point of worrying as it won’t help. If you can do anything about it, then do it, else stop overloading your tiny brain with heavy cluttering thoughts.

 5. Stop generalising

A single event cannot decide your entire destiny. In case something bad has happened to you more than once or twice, then it simply does not mean that it will continue happening in a series. Sit back and give it a thought. Meditate and try to generate some positivity in yourself.  Don’t just give a bad name to all the dogs if you have been bitten once.

Mind control

 6. Spend money on time on others

Giving away happiness to others will in turn it will give you contentment. Don’t hold back your money and try to act miser. Spend it on others the way you do it yourself.

 7. Reward yourself

Suppose you were not willing to go to the join a gym and yet to managed to lose some weight. Reward yourself for it with a chocolate bar. Appreciate yourself for every big and small thing.

The human greed is the primary reason behind all the desires and wants. The only to way have a serene life is by building self-control upon you. Controlling your thoughts and channelizing them in the right path shall not only lead you towards a spiritual path but shall make others draw inspiration from you. For all the saints and gurus preach the same thing; love others and watch others loving you. The Man has taken birth alone and he will die alone. Don’t run after the materialistic order as only goodness done by you shall be counted posthumously.


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