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How to Enjoy Better Sex as You Age?

How to Enjoy Better Sex as You Age?

Sex undoubtedly an integral part in rejuvenating any relationship. It fortifies your bond with your partner thereby maintaining that eternal connection between you two. Every man wants to love his in the best way possible.  The mere thought of being incapable to satisfying their woman unsettles most of the men. It is something that can cause constant anxiety and fear.  Most of the people look forward to grabbing some impeccable techniques for enhancing their performances on bed.  

Why is it so important to have a good sexual life?

Sexual performance is not just limited to the stamina of the penis.  It is a deep and transformational experience that is experienced by the entire body.  In order to be a hardcore performer, one needs to be physically fit.  Pelvic and genital muscles naturally witness some weaknesses over time that might result in lowered sexual satisfaction. The only way to have a boosted sexual confidence is by building those key skill sets and stamina through adoption of right methods.  You should proudly enter the room and flaunt your sexual capabilities before your partner through rigorous performances.  

Better Sex

Healthy sex definitely has an important role-play in the overall stress reduction and bond fortification. One does not always need to take help of the steroids and drugs for being sexually capable. Just a petty step today can have a great impact upon yapper performance tomorrow.  

Let’s have a look at the following few methods that might result in giving you an ultimate difference:

Kegel exercises for addressing sexual issues

Kegel exercise is the most opted options for troubleshooting sexual problems. However, not every kind of kegel postures is beneficial for the individuals. One needs to be quite conscious for enhancing the sexual prowess. Kegel exercises are generated by gynecologists for targeting the Pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles are located at the pelvic floors of the male and female genitals. Kegel exercises are best done in the sitting posture. It is better to commence with Kegel as soon as you notice some issue in your body. These can be done at least done twice in a day for reaping better results. You might experience some discomfort in the initial stages, especially in the first week. However, gradually you will be habituated, sexually toned and full of sexual energy.

Better Sex

Yoga poses for better sex life

People who practice yoga on regular basis have been seen to have more peaceful and stress-free life. There can be a huge boost of immunity and sexual performance when you initiate right yoga postures. Right from enhanced flexibility to a bettered developed personality can be the outcomes of a routine yoga sessions. Yoga has been lately benefitting couples in bedrooms as well. Therefore, if you are planning to spice up your life then it heading towards a yoga studio can indeed fetch results.

Yoga deploys special techniques that build up muscular control and sexual stability. Yoga initiatives may result in a lot of sweat and fatigue. But gradually they will comfort you thereby giving you a thrilled life. The rigorous demands of a sex life can be fulfilled by those correct yoga exercises that create eternal bonds between the couples.

Men who have been lately suffering from premature ejaculation shall witness enhanced endurance in their performances. Women shall also benefit from the same exercises. They will be able to hold up and take up things for longer that seemed to be impossible earlier. The most remarkable results of yoga is advanced flexibility levels. If you would have ever had a look at Kama sutra positions and thought that it’s just not possible to perform sex the way those epitomes symbolize then you might give it a thought now. Some of the most beneficial yoga postures include:

  • Straddle Pose: this particular pose is definitely going to oomph up your blood flow in the groin area. Press the thigh muscles as you sit over the fold with legs apart. Draw your chest downwards repeatedly.
  • Child’s Pose: sit on the floor in a kneeling position over your heels and stretch your arms before yourself.
  • Bridge Pose: lie on floor and raise your butts thereby keeping your feet parallel to each other. This simple pose will enhance your overall orgasm levels
  • Lotus Pose: sit cross-legged on the floor and pull your hands thereby resting them on the top of your things. You shall feel that deep stretch after a long duration of this pose.


Addressing premature ejaculation with pelvic exercises

Premature ejaculation can be emotionally heartbreaking for men. As per American urological association “at least one out of five males are seem to be affected by premature ejaculation before the age of 60”. After a research was conducted on forty men that lied between the age groups of 19-46, it was concluded that premature ejaculation occurs within one minute of penetration.  In order to overcome this medical problem, it was advised to practice pelvic exercise for minimum 12 weeks.

Pelvic exercises are similar to keagle, but somewhat complicated. Most of the women are aware of the Kegel execs ices that need one to squeeze the lower pelvic muscles and holding them tight and high for few minutes. The action that is needed to perform during these exercises is similar to stopping urination in the middle.

Simple lifestyle changes for lowered impotence levels

Erectile malfunctioning is enhancing manifold due to sedentary lifestyles and irregular eating habits, improper weight management and hiked stress levels. 75% of the men have been seen to have heart problems that are directly linked with erectile problems. To put it in simple words, reduced sexual performance can be an early sign of coronary ailments. However, you don’t have to worry as long as you are willing to bring your minute changes in your lifestyle.

  • Exercise regularly
  • ensuring that you undertake those testosterone boosting exercises without any fail
  • Optimizing vitamin D levels
  • Deactivating stress by combating stressful thoughts
  • Avoiding medications
  • Avoid modifications
  • Avoiding indulging in sexual malpractices
  • Maintaining personal hygiene levels
  • Taking proper sleep

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