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How To Live Your Life King Size

How To Live Your Life King Size

Such a cliche, so most of us have been hearing this from our childhood times. But how is it possible? Suppose we don’t have a palace and a lavish life then? How can we expect ourselves to live a life king size when we don’t have enough resources at our disposal? Well! For that you need to understand the deeper concept of it. Living life king size does not simply means having a tremendous amount of wealth and servants. It indeed means to have a prosperous and a happy life that is free from suppression, regrets and discord.

Who is a king by the way? Umm…… perhaps the one who lives his life on his own terms? Sounds correct? Yea; so we all have our lives given to us on an individual basis. We should live them the way we want. Our thoughts and gestures should not be in control of others. We should master them as we have are a totally a separate entity from others. Why fear in making the decisions of your own life? What is the point of feeling jailed in order to make others happy?

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Just stop it now, and re-begin things in a new manner. As long as your deeds are not criminal in nature, you should not stop yourself from doing them. Even if you fail through your own decisions, you will at least have contentment- “at least I tried it”.

People who live their life by their choice have to definitely face more problems than the ones who are submissive. However, they are way stronger and successful than the general public. The inner voice drives you towards the zenith of your potential. It makes you input your best. The more you listen to what your heart says, the more self-disciplined you shall be.

Acceptance of loneliness is the initial outcome of living your life by choice.  People are unable to resist the fact that why is someone practicing something away from the league. They shall criticise you and may leave you forever.  Unfortunately! You do need to bear with all this. Following what your heart says is definitely not easy. But once you shall reap the fruits of success, people will eventually instil faith in you.

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If you think that someone is unable to understand what you want from life, then let it be. Don’t waste yourself in explaining your desires to others. Believe me; no one really bothers. If you continue to treat yourself like a puppet of the world, you will never keep your heart contended. Even if you earn less or achieve nothing, then too the feeling of self-satisfaction is above all. The success shall be decided by others, while your content is shall be solely your own judgment.

Try to practice seclusion and stop poking your nose in the business of others.  If you want to remain at peace, then begin it with self-practice. Make your own destiny in the way you want. Each person has been bestowed with some or the other kind of special gift. Cultivate that special talent in you and cherish your life in the best possible manner.

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