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How to Overcome Your Fears and Achieve Success ?

How to Overcome Your Fears and Achieve Success ?

If you won’t overcome your fear now, then probably it will keep dominating you throughout your life. A feared brain can never achieve what it could. The constant apprehension of failure and criticism won’t let you grab any opportunity. Moreover, a minute setback will be enough to settle the fire you had.  Even if everything is going on well, a feared brain creates a negative aura. If you feel that the same situations are happening with you, then the below article may teach you some easy ways of overcoming the grave situations:

 1. Identify and encounter the reasons behind your fear

It’s quite normal to feel apprehended for a particular risk, task or situation. But, too much of it is not ok. Suppose you fear before taking a bike ride test, and then try to overcome it by seeing others who belong to your age group or are younger to you. Create a safer zone for learning instead of simply avoiding the test. Try to make yourself understand that there is a way out beyond fear. Your fear shall affect your ability to function. It will keep you back from moving forward and attaining a better life.

 2. Don’t let the fear symptoms overrule you

Fear has its manifestation in form of phobias that encompass animals, situations, blood injections, public speaking,  etc. the psychological reactions of fear will definitely rule your physical personality by making you appear dull, dizzy, escaping, detached and irritated. In simple words, the mental strain will spoil your physical personality as well.  A person with a scared personality generates negative perception amongst people. Even if you feel scared of something, give it a try at least 10 times. You will definitely start finding it easy and worthwhile.


 3. Resort for hypnosis

Hypnosis is a method of integrating your brain with positive thoughts and removal of the mental clutter. Hypnosis may not totally help you overcome your fear, but it will certainly teach you a new way to tackle it. Many people in this world have been able to regulate their brain working through hypnosis thereby showing the world what conquering fear is. The army officials, swimming champions, and gymnast acrobats are some of the best examples who have won over fear.

 4. Take things positively

“Public speaking is probably the second biggest after death,” says john smith, the marketing executive of leading insurance company. Instead of taking public speaking as a fear, you must take it as an opportunity. He suggests; “try to speak as if no one is watching and maintain eye contact with a maximum-number of people so that you feel more relaxed”. The thought of what others may think about you should never be considered as long as you are not committing a crime.

 5. Hire therapists

Therapists can do wonders in letting you overcome mental constraints. A good psychotherapist will not only heal you mentally but will also motivate you emotionally to become a better individual. He/she may also recommend you some medicines and exercises for controlling those brain areas which generate those apprehensive hormones.  Well-versed therapists might be hard on you, but they will definitely restructure you mind in the best manner possible.

Some of the therapeutics resort for NLP-neuron-linguistic programming method in which they place some magnets over the human bodies in order to encounter variegated emotional troubles. Till date, millions of people are enjoying stress-free and fear-free lives after undergoing NLP therapies.

 6. Read motivational books and biopics

Reading is indeed the best way to motivate yourself and overcoming your fear. Take into a lot of biopics into account so that you come to know how those successful people faced challenges. Nothing comes easy. Robin Sharma, Sidney Sheldon, Charles dickens, Leo Tolstoy and Jane Austen are some of the leading authors that should be taken as your role-models. Their inspirational and motivational work pieces must be read without a fail.


 7. Take multiple deep breaths

No doubt you have heard a lot about deep breathing. But, do you know how it actually works? Let me tell you. Deep breathing catapults your anxious symptoms of a human body. By breathing faster, your body tends to relaxes regardless of the tricks played by your imaginations. Therefore, if you start feeling scared; stop then take a deep breath quickly count till 7 and slowly release the breath.

Repeat the same step for one minute and you will be absolutely out of your mental dilemma and strain. This breathing technique is referred as 7/11 breathing method. However, it totally depends up to you that what name you choose to give it.

 8. Overcome the false beliefs

Most of the human fears are based on catastrophic ways of thinking. When you see a roadside dog, you might instantly believe that it will bite, harm and kill you. Do identify this kind of thinking pattern and try to address them.  Analyze the worst scenario of a situation and try to reconstitute your thoughts. Talk back to those thoughts which disturb you. Whenever the fear arises, you must reflect upon the actual risk and say “no-no” to false beliefs. Just be positive and think that some dogs are harmful but the majority of them are affectionate.

 9. Try to engage yourself in your fear

Imagine yourself in a situation when you are facing your worst fear; For instance; if you feel scared with a spider then expose yourself to a spider as much as possible. As per the experiment conducted on 10 people who were initially scared of spiders stated that they had ably overcome their apprehensions within a week of exposure. Running away from the fear shall never let you improve. It’s neither good nor an option.

 10. Benefit yourself from agitation

The things we fear can incite our feelings of passion and exhilaration. Therefore, people who relish horror movies, shark swimming’s and sky-diving have a positive frame of time. The moment you take up your fear as an opportunity, you will embrace its role-play in your life.

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