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How Writing An Article A Day Will Change Your Life?

How Writing An Article A Day Will Change Your Life?

If you’re looking for something that can improve your life, your business and you in the process, then try the challenge of writing an article, every day.

What sort of articles? How many words in a day? These are some common questions, that would have entered your mind, but no matter what word count or format you may choose, you’ll find all of them, equally beneficial. Of course, choose something related to your work or your personal blog. The choice of niche is completely up to you; important is that you write about something new, everyday.

Why is this so beneficial?

Clears your mind 

You can write about things that you think most of the time which involves projects you are working on, daily activities, new things that you learn or encounter with. Writing provides a thinking space in your mind for more crucial topics. Every morning, we get up with lots of thing on our minds, fresh ideas, it’s important that you write them down to clear your mind. It will help you in thinking clearly about other things, the whole day.

Process your sentiments 

Writing a fresh article everyday is a great way to process your sentiments or work on your inner conflicts over a particular condition. This works, just like talking to a friend does. It strengthens your self-comforting skills.


Clarity of Thoughts

Writing abilities 

There’s no secret of becoming a better writer – the more you are willing to write, the more you will use your brain’s language center, the more fluent in writing you’ll get, the more you will be aware about writing a good article. Writing every day is a very good mental exercise.

Feeling of achievement

Writing an article foster a feeling of progress and achievement in us, this increases our productivity. Many people wish to write a book, but give up thinking how long it will take. Writing an article every day, boosts confidence and open new fresh possibilities, in writing as well in other fields. Feeling productive improves your overall productivity, which creates a virtuous cycle.

Think Big 

writing helps you in thinking big and aiming high. When we write content, we enter into a world with possibilities. Writing keeps us motivated and prevents us from self-limiting values.


Improves commitment 

Writing an article everyday without fail makes you a very committed and accountable person. You’ll experience an extra shot of dedication and confidence in your personality which will help you in leaving a positive mark of your personality on the mind of every person you meet.

Visibility & reputation 

Contents have become an important part of everyday lives. Writing an article every day is a great outlet where people can find you. Producing quality content can assist you in achieving visibility for your business. You can create a healthy brand reputation as well as among your customers.

Writing a page every day is a demanding challenge. Some days, you will have other important tasks, and you will be tired and wouldn’t want to continue writing every day. But, fighting all those frustrating feelings and still be able to write one page every day will teach you focus and discipline, build up your will-power & assist you in achieving more in other career fields.

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