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If You Can Visualise It, You Can Actualise It!

If You Can Visualise It, You Can Actualise It!

In almost every great book that has ever been written on the human mind, success, happiness and prosperity, there is a common message we take home – the power of visualisation. From The Secret to The Monk Who Sold The Ferrari, all the bestselling and powerful books mention about this power. What is visualisation? How should we visualise? And most importantly, how will it benefit us? Today we tell you all about this potent skill which will guide you on your desired path.

Visualisation is the art of creating in our mind what we wish to see in reality. Whether it is a beautiful home filled with happy and loving family members, a swanky car, a corner office or your own organisation, all it takes is imagining it exactly as you want it to be. The only thing that is stopping you from achieving your dreams, goal, desires and wishes is your lack of visualisation. And no, you do not need to be a Picasso or Monet to visualise your life. All you need is to follow these few simple steps which will set on the path to success, riches, joy and peace.

As soon as you wake up from bed, sit quietly for a few minutes and think of what you lack in your life or what you desire right now. It can be something really important such as mending your relationship with a loved one or a success in a board meeting. Allow the energy of what you desire, to consume you completely. Slowly begin visualising the object and add colour, texture and adjust the light and brightness in your mental image and give it the finishing touches to make it appear real and lifelike, so much that you want to touch and feel it. The process is exciting and will help you use your creative juices in a wonderful, liberating and positive manner.

When you have a 3D image ready in your head, you will be able to work towards achieving your desires in a better and more concrete manner. Although it may sound tough or seem difficult initially, with daily practice, you’ll become a pro at this mental exercise. In fact, you will begin enjoying it so much that you’ll want to do it oftener during the day, whenever you have a few moments to spare while commuting, waiting to keep an appointment or even at your desk. This exercise will help you focus on what you want and attract it in your life.

Remember, only you can harness the power of visualisation in your life completely, since the power to attract what you want in life lies within you and only you. Visualise it to actualise it.

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