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If You Read One Article About Buddhism Read this One

If You Read One Article About Buddhism Read this One

Buddhists often believe that the humans take rebirths as animals. So, does that mean that you are going to be a dog or a cow in the upcoming future? Does the soul really get transmitted into one body from another? What is the actual concept of transmigration and reincarnation? Karma and fate are same or two different things? There are literally millions of similar questions that often come to our mind and evacuate without getting any definite answer.

Many people have a lot of misunderstanding with Buddhism today; especially when it comes to the concept of reincarnation and soul. One of the most common misconception regarding reincarnation is humans have already lived uncountable previous lives. They have existed as animals and born as humans somehow. The next life they shall own will be of an animal most probably. The karma is what decides everything in the rebirth.


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People are not aware about reading the mythological sutras and scripts which actually contain the life secrets. Buddha left more than 84,000 teachings along with symbolic representations for diverse backgrounds. The teachings are in accordance with the mental caliber of each individual. The doctrine of rebirth has its own principles. The fear of taking rebirth as an animal literally scares all of us.

However, in the real sense, there is still a substantial need to go through the teachings so that the unclear picture can be understood. We can discover the actual truth only after going through his parable truths and realities. One must learn to differentiate between the myths and parables. If we actually learn to go transcend the parables, we all will develop an innate understanding regarding the truth.

Purple Karma


Karma operates the universe like a constant chain. It binds all the humans and all living beings. Karma is a form of justice which is bestowed by the divine power. It should not be confused with fate. Fate is what the divine preplans, while the karma is something that is determined by the living beings. One should always act noble and use good words for addressing everyone. The karma shall ease your life if executed in a right way.

The universe

There are ten realms of existence that should be studied for further generating understanding for the concept of reincarnation. A normal human has 9 realms starting from the hell till divinity. Man is capable of creating a hell on earth itself. It is our own thoughts that can either enhance difficulties or make things simplistic.

The duration of sufferings can be reduced by grasping the Bodhisattva. There is a lot about a human life which needs to be discovered.

The lesson

There is a lot to be understood from the teachings of reincarnation. The information about ghost world and realms shall tell us how do we live and what the causes of survival are. Cultivate faith towards Buddha enlightenment and always keep motivated for the spiritual inclination.

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