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Indulge Your Senses With Ayurveda In God’s Own Country, Kerala

Indulge Your Senses With Ayurveda In God’s Own Country, Kerala

Home to the first Ayurveda Resort, Kerala aka God’s Own Country lies to the southernmost portion of India, banked by the Arabian Sea to the west and Tamil Nadu to the east. Recorded as India’s first state to achieve 100% literacy and reputed to be least corrupt of the Indian states, Kerala is home to a crowd of people, warm and hospitable. Add to it the ecstatic wildlife and beautiful beaches fringed with palms, Kerala welcomes you with a sight to behold and an experience to never forget.

Ace in Ayurveda

A field of medicine originated and practiced widely in India, Ayurveda, literally meaning the ‘Science of Life’ is famous for its relieving and rejuvenating treatment; effective and without any side effects. Kerala is known to have built the World’s first Ayurveda Resort – Somatheeram. Located to the south of the famous Kovalam Beach, one can experience the wonders of Ayurveda as well as yoga in a blissfully serene environment.

It’s Raining Bananas – and Coconuts

Kerala is also reputed for its vast fruit orchards, specifically bananas and coconuts. With recipes varying from fried chips to “appams”, bananas are consumed in various styles and manners. And coconuts, how can we not talk about coconuts when it comes to Kerala. Even the name of the State is derived from the word “Keram” which means coconut. Found in abundance in streets and plantations alike, one can never be short on coconuts or coconut water over here.

Playground of the Elephants

Kerala is home to tens of thousands of Indian Elephants. With over 700 elephants held in captivity, they are held in temples and used to work with in timber yards. There are even sports that involve the presence of elephants. Elephants are significant to Kerala to the extent that the elephant is featured on the State Emblem of Kerala.

Bring on the Backwaters

Beauty lies abundant in wave upon wave of the Malabar Coast that runs parallel to the Arabian Sea across Kerala. The backwaters in Kerala are a series of rivers, lagoons and lakes connected by natural as well as manmade canals. These waters make up half of the State of Kerala in terms of area, speaking for itself in its abundance and magnificence.

Feast like a Royal

Onam is the characteristic festival of Kerala. To visit Kerala during Onam is an experience that should not be missed. Based on the legend of the generous King Mahabali, the festival is a display of Kerala’s finest cuisine and culture. With a compilation of tens of different dishes, an Onam meal is a splendid feast, fit for a king. Kerala during Onam is a real sight to watch, showcasing the famous Snake Boat Races and Elephant Parades among other attractions.

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