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Is Your Ego A Problem? How to Overcome The Winners No 1 Enemy

Is Your Ego A Problem? How to Overcome The Winners No 1 Enemy

Is your ego restricting you?

Ego can be defined as a self-constructed thinking that can ultimately result in self-destruction. The feeling of ego can leave you lonely and bewildered throughout your life. The false beliefs about talent, personality, and knowledge, give birth to an ego. The artificial construct of mind hinders in everything we do.

It keeps us static and takes away the important opportunities of life from us. Ego generates a kind of mental drama that affects the physical gestures and overall behaviour. “I am bad at mathematics”, “I am good at looks”, “I am the best” these all are forms of ego. Identification of ego eliminates the unnecessary sufferings.  The interpretations of life shall be no longer driven by fear, shame, and anxiety that ego communes.

Ego will never go away on its own. You need to identify and eradicate it the moment it tries to overwhelm you. Evoke the better in you and break away those false pride which are shifting you away from your life goals.



1) Stop craving for more

Your ego will never be satiated if you keep craving for more. Limit your desires and stay satisfied with whatever you have. If you fear what others are thinking about your achievements and you don’t have enough to flaunt, then you can never be at peace. Feel grateful for everything bestowed by the almighty. No everyone on this earth has perfect happiness. One must learn to appreciate whatever life has given.

2) Stay away from stress and discomforting goals

Why do you need to keep stressing yourself for achieving unrealistic goals? What will you get ultimately? Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” “What will I actually achieve?” “Is it worthwhile to sacrifice my peace for this?” Once you get these questions answered, you will be able to focus your ego on right things. Discomfort and stress victimize you for defensive thinking thereby giving birth to falsified thinking.



3) Believe in generosity

Once you start giving away whatever you have, you will overcome that thinking of “me, my and myself”. You can practice giving your energy, time and resources to the ones who need it. There are so many people in this world that shall get benefitted if you dedicate yourself to them. Compassion for others shall is what all it takes to overcome ego.

4) Believe in today

People with ego do not acknowledge the present and believe in future contentment. In actual “there is no happiness next door”. Those who believe that the next moment shall be better than the present one, end wasting all their lives. They keep waiting and worrying for the future and don’t care to make their present worthwhile. Believe in today and appreciate the moments you have. Use them to their best instead of waiting for future happenings and happiness.

5) Be courages instead of fearful

Facing fear shall make you strong. Nothing is bad or impossible. Expose yourself to your fear in order to combat it. Instead of taking a back seat in everything, make arrangements for giving it multiple tries. You will definitely start improving as the time will pass. After all, efforts spell success.

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