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Just 5 Minutes In The Morning With God Can Stress Proof Your Entire Day

Just 5 Minutes In The Morning With God Can Stress Proof Your Entire Day

It’s really easy to get trapped in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to remember the creator of the world.  On asking most of the people “Do you have sufficient time to pray?” the answer was “yes”. However, the exact time when people would like to pray was not clear.

Mornings are the best to remember the positive things, and nothing can be better than spending those five precious minutes with God. Beginning your day with the name of almighty will instill a whole new energy level in you. It shall keep away the negative aura and will prohibit you from doing wrong. God does not want us to pray for hours. He just wants us to remember him wholeheartedly for few minutes in a day.

Morning is an epitome of purity. The sunlight itself is God. Hence; praying for few minutes in the morning is the best thing that you can have in your life. You can begin your day by giving the smartphone alarm name as “Jesus” so that the moment you open your eyes, you perceive his name.  This is indeed one of the best ways of starting up the mornings.

Sit down in a calm comer of the home and light some incense if you want. Close your eyes and indulge in a thoughtful conversation with the gracious God. You don’t have to sing hymns and repeat those difficult spiritual lines. Just a simple conversation with the creator of the world is enough to soothe your mind. Have a conversation just like you are narrating something to a close one of yours.


Remember, God is never deaf to your prayers. He will always answer you, no matter what. The delay in answers is because God is hunting for something better for you. The deep conversation will set you free from those straining thoughts. Gradually, you will realize that God has begun to answer your conversations through your inner voice.  Don’t mind asking silly questions to him. Just speak whatever you feel like and emanate everything your heart has; the sorrows, the desires, the wishes and the truths. Confess your wrongs and ask for forgiveness.

Praying to God necessarily does not need you to read scriptures and visit temples. It just needs a dedicated heart who believes that “yes! God exists”. Spending time with God should be in your habit. Expressing gratitude for whatever has been given and asking for a healthier and better life from should be a part of those few minutes. Sometimes, you can even grab the Holy Scriptures and read them in serenity. As you begin to understand the written words, you will realize that God talks through the holy books.  The scriptures teach us to become what we want to be.

Use the routine morning time as a spiritual one, and watch yourself turning healthier without any special medical treatment. Turn into someone who chatters to the spiritual. Reveal who you are to God and turn someone better each day.


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