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Keep Your Heart Healthy With These Simple Tricks

Keep Your Heart Healthy With These Simple Tricks

Around every third person who is above the age of 20 is suffering from hypertension and similar medical symptoms. The dietary factors and enhancing sedentary lifestyles have created an adverse impact on our health. Hypertension can be visible in form of breath shortage, dizziness and lethargy. It’s not a rocket science to generate a reversal impact upon hypertension. Just a few simple tips are enough to have a healthy heart.

Keep a count on your calories

Losing weight is one of the key points to get rid of hypertension. Create a list in which you jot down your regular food intake and cut back on salty and oily food items. Also, mention the quantity of the food consumed so that you can lose weight on the substantial basis by managing your diet.



Avoid (sodium) salt

The experts have reduced your problem by bringing up sodium free salts in the market. If you think that salt-free food is not your cup of tea, then sodium free salt can be consumed without any guilt. However, if you think that you can naturally establish control upon your hypertension then:

  • Aim for less than 1 tbs of salt
  • Try to discover about the nutritional facts of each food item consumed
  • Avoid foods that have more than 20% of sodium content in them
  • Go for salt-free seasonings

What to eat?

Magnesium, fiber, potassium can help to regulate your overall blood pressure. Vegetables and fruits are flooded with fibers and low in sodium content. Stick to the whole fruit diet so that you get rid of the toxins from your body. Choose for lean meats, poultry, legumes and seeds, as these are excellent sources of magnesium. In order to enhance the potassium level naturally, go for a maximum number of fruits and raw veggies.

Implement the DASH diet concept

What is DASH diet after all? Well! Dietary approaches to solve hypertension (DASH) in which you need to specifically rely upon non-salted uncooked raw veg food. The main idea is to grab a lot of magnesium and protein from these food items.


Healthy Diet

You can use sugar as an alternative to salt. However, say “no” to heavy beverages, desserts and chocolates. People who followed DASH diet witnessed reduced heart strokes and coronary artery ailments.  Your doctors can recommend you with the exact diet that you need as per your BMI. They shall plan your meals in such a way that they can be prolonged eternally.

Finally, the only way to remain fit is having plenty of water, having less food and sweating a lot. Water itself has an immense capacity to combat maximum of the body ailments. It purifies your skin and takes away dirt and toxic elements from your body in a natural way. Besides, routine exercising and healthy dieting can further generate a positive impact on your health. Avoid eating street food and keep some nuts with you. Munch them instead of eating something unhealthy at random basis. Nuts shall satiate the hunger pangs along with proving considerable protein levels.

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