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Keep Your Inner Child Alive

Keep Your Inner Child Alive

Today is the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and he being a famous patron of children, his birthday is celebrated with great fervour and zeal as Children’s Day or Bal Divas in India. On this beautiful day which celebrates the innocence and simplicity of children, we at PP have made a resolution to stay young at heart and keep the inner child alive always. Deep beneath the façade we have created for the world, we are all children who have only grown up to tackle life’s challenges. But life cannot and must not change who we are, since being childlike is a privilege and prestige which must be enjoyed at all costs. If you have forgotten how to be like a child, or simply wish to cross check if you have succeeded in being your true self, read on.

Explore: Like learning, exploring makes you more adventurous and fun-loving and helps you stay young forever. No matter your age, you will always have some tricks up your sleeve if you are a curious and experimental person. Like the global icon and inspiration Amitabh Bachchan, you will be able to give the youngsters a serious run for their money no matter what your age, if you stay abreast with the times. So try your hand in the kitchen and invent a new dish, or change your look for a day and stick to it if you like it. Go out there and do something you haven’t done before. Challenge yourself and be pleasantly surprised with what you can do.

Stay innocent: As we grow up, we are made to believe that we live in a big bad world. Although there are negative, cruel and corrupt people, there are also good, pure and loving souls whom we can reach out to and befriend. Don’t lose hope in the beauty and goodness of this world and trust more. Although everyone does not deserve this precious gift of innocence, trust can be very liberating and help you stay positive and loving. It cleanses your heart of negativity and fears and allows you to enjoy life better with nothing holding you back.

Be simple: With more success comes more wealth and therefore more money. As our bank account swells, we too swell with pride and splurge on costly and many a times, unwanted things. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life and stay uncomplicated. If you prefer the local tea stall over a fancy coffee shop, don’t think twice to bring around your friends for a quick chat session, reminiscent of your college days.

Learn: Learning, as the wise old men say, is an unending process which must be continued throughout our lives, no matter what. It keeps your brain cells active, promotes good memory, concentration and creativity and makes you more flexible, intelligent and innovative. So go the geek way and read a book, Google something you don’t know or take up a course to learn something you’ve always wished to learn, such as dancing, singing, languages or anything that catches your fancy.

Be vulnerable: Open up more to those whom you love. One important thing most of us have forgotten is the pure joy of unburdening ourselves to our loved ones. If crying seems like the best option, let the tears flow. It heals your heart quicker and helps you bounce back and get back on your feet faster. Although you must be careful of not letting your private life become public, sharing your doubts, fears, happiness and joy halves your sorrows and doubles your joy. So reach out to a friend or family member and confide in them about things which are troubling you and see your troubles vanish into thin air! Don’t isolate yourself, let your sensitivity thrive.

Be silly: As we grow up, we are expected to be a lot of things: smart, wise, successful, popular and so on. What we are not expected to be is goofy, silly or clumsy. However, it is that burst of goofiness which lets you take your mind off things and stay childlike. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously and you have every right to be funny, clumsy or whatever you feel like. So, hop if you feel like, jump with joy and break into a jig if you want to!

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