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Kirtan Yoga Is The Coolest New Way To Holistic Health, Here’s Why…

Kirtan Yoga Is The Coolest New Way To Holistic Health, Here’s Why…

Kirtan yoga is an ancient form of spiritual music which is sung or listened to for inner balance, peace and happiness. Kirtan is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘recite’ and refers to the chanting of God’s name. Ancient Sanskrit mantras are recited in praise of God, which can be performed individually or in groups. As religious as it may sound, kirtan yoga actually has many spiritual, emotional and mental benefits. Here are five ways you too can benefit from this ancient and highly popular practice, which has taken over the world by storm and is now a part of almost every yoga class, in the East and West.

Improves concentration: Kirtan yoga aids the brain to focus on a single activity, i.e., chanting. It helps the mind calm down and focus on the present moment, thereby eliminating distractions and improving one’s attention and concentration. Kirtan yoga activates your consciousness, which helps you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. When accompanied with meditation, kirtan yoga can help you reap the benefits of meditation in a much quicker and deeper way.

Improves health: A joyful and calm state of mind wards away stress and strengthens the mind to take on diseases like a warrior, fighting away any health problems that threaten to attack the mind and body. Most of our illnesses stem from a weak state of mind, which can be eliminated once one adopts kirtan yoga in one’s lifestyle. Practise kirtan yoga regularly to overcome common issues such as stress, irritation, frustration and sickness.

Improves energy and stamina: Besides warding off diseases, kirtan yoga channels your mental and spiritual energies into more positive and productive areas and thus promotes good health, stamina and vitality. Kirtan yoga is a holistic solution to physical, mental and emotional fatigue and what’s more, it can be practised anytime, anywhere, in the comfort of your home or during your daily commute to and from office.


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Boosts happiness and positivity: Chanting God’s name generates positive vibrations around you, which not only calms your mind, but also lets it transcend into a happier, blissful state, where no negative forces can disturb it. Regular practice of kirtan yoga is known to boost happiness, positivity and overall wellbeing.

Enhances and balances relationships: The many benefits of kirtan yoga helps one find balance in every sphere of one’s life, including career, health and relationships. Kirtan yoga is proven to improve mental and emotional balance, which helps you deal with others in a more understanding and sensitive manner, even in a stressful situation. Moreover, practising kirtan yoga in a group, possibly a yoga class, allows interaction with other like-minded people, which can help you widen your social circle and boost your social life greatly.

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