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Liar Or Not? Your Eyes Reveal It All

Liar Or Not? Your Eyes Reveal It All

Look me in the eye and tell me the truth – this phrase is not a mere threat. It is a psychological fact which allows you to judge if the person is lying or not. People’s eye movements and non-verbal cues reveal a lot about how they are feeling. Here are some body language cues to help you identify a person who’s nervous, dishonest, unhappy or simply feeling dull.


When people feel repulsed by what they are seeing, they often block or shield their eyes. This is an indication of unhappiness and is done as reflex against something they feel threatened with. Eye-rubbing and rapid blinking is also a sign of eye-blocking. It is powerful display of consternation, disbelief or disagreement.

Sideways Glance

This usually denotes uncertainty or the need of more info. If someone glances sideways and has a furrowed brow it can mean suspicion or critical feelings. Eyebrows up brows with a sideways glance on the other hand usually means interest or is a sign of courtship.


If you are speaking to someone and you see them squint, then be certain that they disapprove of what you are saying. Want to salvage yourself? Simply explain a little in detail the point you are trying to make, and lend it credibility.


Raising the eyebrows is a gesture of congeniality and hoping to get along and communicate better. More often than not we raise our eyebrows when we are trying to emphasise a point. It is also a sign of alarm when you are taken aback all of a sudden.

Looking Down One’s Nose

If someone lifts their head and looks down their nose at you it usually means they feel superior. It could mean they are insecure about you and hence need to assert their superiority. It is also reflective of their high arrogance.

Darting Eyes

If someone is refusing to meet your gaze, and is constantly darting their eyes, they certainly have something to hide or are insecure of a lie being caught. They are escapists who never take responsibility and are constantly looking for ways to escape from the reality.

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