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Looking For The Ultimate Spiritual Detox? Visit Egypt, The Land Of The Pharaohs!

Looking For The Ultimate Spiritual Detox? Visit Egypt, The Land Of The Pharaohs!

In the second part of our travel series, we explore one of the oldest, richest and most powerful civilisations, Egypt. Egypt has been always considered as the Cradle of Civilisation for its powerful contributions to possibly every sphere of human development, including writing, engineering, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and others.

But besides its scientific and intellectual progress, it has also made some remarkable discoveries in the spiritual realm, which is one of the reasons why hordes of spiritual seekers flock to this wonderful country for healing and enlightenment.

If you have been longing for some spiritual healing and power, book a trip to Egypt and soak yourself in its soothing sunrays, visit its ancient pyramids and set aside some time to learn some of the powerful philosophies and thought systems of the Ancient Egyptians.

The pyramids have been known to be a powerful energy centre which attracts cosmic energies and serves as the perfect place for meditation and healing. It heals you not only on a spiritual level, but also on a physical and mental plane, ensuring a complete healing programme which leaves you with wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Besides its pyramids, Egypt also boasts of some powerful mysterious philosophical systems and traditions which have lasted up till today and been modified to suit modern beliefs and practices. Some of them, such as the Egyptian High Alchemy and Sekhem (meaning energy, chi or prana), are said to have influenced other cultures and philosophies too, such as those of Greece, Rome, Asia and Africa.

These philosophies were taught in the ancient temples of Egypt during a period of initiation, wherein the spiritual masters would guide their students through a laborious study and application of these philosophical beliefs and practices. A successful completion of the philosophical courses meant that the students would become priests and pass on the knowledge and wisdom to successive students.

The Egyptian philosophies guide one in heightening one’s consciousness and awareness and ultimately following the path of spirituality and self-realisation. With techniques and practices ranging from simple to complex, these philosophical systems attempt to transform the person from within and help one reach the ultimate state of consciousness.

Adopting these spiritual practices of Ancient Egypt will not only make you more powerful and energised, but also help you view things in a calmer and peaceful manner. You will learn to use your mind and its unfathomable energies better, which will help you avoid negative thoughts which drain your energy. This will help you focus on energising and powerful thoughts which guide you in your daily lifestyle and help you overcome any problem or obstacle with ease and confidence.

So stop waiting and start living! Embark on a soul-searching journey to the depths of this ancient country, where you are sure to find answers to your questions and return healed and happy!

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