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Maintain Work-Life Balance By Setting These Amazing Priorities

Maintain Work-Life Balance By Setting These Amazing Priorities

Work–life balance is a notion incorporating appropriate prioritising between “work” / “career” and “lifestyle”. This is akin to the outlook of lifestyle choice. Work life balance can be claimed as a complacent state of equilibrium accomplished between an individual’s dominant priorities of their employment rank and their private lifestyle.

In today’s era, prioritising between work and personal life is a huge challenge. A poor work-life balance culminates unhealthy levels of stress, grief, and reduced levels of productivity. This backs up the efforts of employees to split their time and energy between work and life. Work-life balance can be described as a routine effort whereby make time for friends, personal growth, family, community, spirituality, self-care etc.

Following are the four steps that can prove to be helpful for one to maintain work-life balance:

Step 1: Time tracking

Just for a shorter duration, let’s say one week, track how you allocate your time to various set of activities. Analyze how much time you put in doing activities that don’t matter to you. Eliminate those activities that do not align with your priorities. Either eliminate or delegate.

Step 2: Concentrate on one thing at a time by respecting your private time

Do not focus on multi-tasking. Make out time for yourself. It is impossible to pay attention on two things at the same time. Devote your attention towards a single task. When you are at work, and then make sure you work. When with your family, focus only on them. Protect your private time and do not kill it.

work life balance

Step 3: Cross-check your personal habits, lifestyle and plan a vacation

Poor nutrition and lack of sleep are some of the unhealthy habits can lead you to feel an imbalance in your life, and can rebound any of your hard work you are making to achieve a work-life balance. Try taking two weeks off from work so that you can recharge your batteries to turn out to be the most productive, innovative, and joyful person possible.

Step 4: Ask for support or hire a personal coach

Hire a counsellor and ask for some better advises on maintaining work-life balance. Tell them about your regime and ask them to respect it. Evaluate your work-life balance plan on a daily/ regular basis so that you can keep a check. A personal coach can help you manage your current work-life balance, and can suggest what you can do to grab the state of equilibrium.
Today’s era is marked with technology which makes the line between work life and personal life blurry.

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Achieving work-life balance is an on-going process where our needs will be distinctive at various phases of our lives. Taking out time for oneself and reflecting about the balance is all what it takes. Balance is beautiful state of living. Achieving balance in both the spheres i.e. work and life, allows you to showcase your caliber optimally in both arenas. Setting your priorities helps you to stay calm and organized. Learn to say “no” to the time wasters and unproductive things, and watch your life getting balanced.

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