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Make 40s Your New 20s

Make 40s Your New 20s

A midlife crisis can feel like a major setback. Your body slows down, mood swings and hormonal changes kick in. But none of these needs to dampen your spirit. Here’s how you can make your forties and fifties the new twenties of your life.

Retrospect: A midlife crisis is basically a time to retrospect and analyse one’s life. Look back at your achievements and experiences and analyse how you have grown throughout those years. Appreciate every experience, good or bad, since they have made you what you are today. Take every life event as a learning experience which has helped to make you stronger, wiser and more resilient. This will give you a feeling of fulfillment and charge you for the next leg of your life.

Start a business: A common symptom of a midlife crisis is a lack of enjoyment and satisfaction in one’s current job. If you are happy with your current job, that’s great, but if not, then now is the time to start the venture you have been drawing of. You are young to take the plunge and wise enough to take a calculated risk.

Unlearn and relearn: Don’t want to take a risk but still want a career makeover? Analyse your personal skills sets, weigh your career options and figure what jobs align with your desires. Figure out the new skills you need to learn for the dream path and go out there to achieve it.

Take a vacation alone: One of the thoughts that’s likely to cross your mind is, you have done so much for everyone else and fulfilled all your duties and responsibilities, but along the way you have lost yourself. This is the time to take that much-needed trip to a far-off place. It can do wonders to your mind and soul and can make you feel younger and more positive. It can boost your mental capabilities and problem solving skills with all the positivity, introspection and me-time at your disposal.

Networking: Building a good rapport with people from your industry and even outside it can open many doors of opportunities for you. It will not only keep you updated about the current job scenario, but will also provide you with the kind of personal as well as professional advice and support you need.

Stay fit: Exercising regularly and following a healthy dietary plan can make you feel and look youthful and healthy, which can automatically boost your confidence. When you stay healthy, you can solve your problems easily and overlook unimportant details which do not deserve your time and energy.

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