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Make A Pledge This World Vegan Day

Make A Pledge This World Vegan Day

With sensitivity towards animal welfare on the rise and people switching to veganism for a healthier lifestyle, fruits, vegetables, nuts and other vegan products are gathering more followers than the all-time favourite chicken, turkey, lamb and other meats. To the extent that, even outlets such as KFC which are known for their non-vegetarian fare, are introducing interesting vegan alternatives to their menu. Besides, with Ellen DeGeneres, Sia, Ariana Grande and power couple Jay Z and Beyonce being named among the growing list of international celebs who are opting to go green, veganism is the buzz word in food trends! Don’t mistake veganism for vegetarianism. While a vegetarian will abstain from eating meat, a vegan will not consume any form of animal produce, including milk and milk products. On World Vegan Day, we hope to inspire you with the health and spiritual benefits of Veganism.

Reduced risk of cancer: A study conducted by the WHO has revealed that processed meat increases your risk of colon or rectum cancer by 18 per cent. But the hazard does not lie with processed meat alone. Consuming even organic meat is harmful, since meat contains animal protein, hormones and carcinogenic compounds, all of which are proven to increase the risk of cancer.

Reduces risk of heart attacks: The high amounts of cholesterol present in meat, eggs and dairy products can easily trigger heart disease and increase one’s exposure to heart attacks and strokes. Saturated fat is a major component in non-vegetarian food, which is unhealthy and can not only clog the arteries, but also lead to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other neurological illnesses.

Combats diabetes: Meat can be a major contributor to Type-2 diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, consuming huge amounts of animal protein can shoot up one’s risk of diabetes by 22 per cent.

Prevents cruelty to animals: One of the simplest reasons why you should turn vegan is the fact that animals are tortured daily in large numbers to get that meat, poultry and dairy to our table. They are enslaved and caused to live in utterly cruel conditions and are fattened up in an unhealthy manner so that more meat can be extracted from them. In order to put an end to such treatment of animals, turn vegan. With no demand, how can there be supply?

You’ll stay happier: A non-vegetarian diet increases the level of arachidonic acid (AA) in one’s system, leading to neurological changes which can create mood swings. A non-vegetarian is more prone to anxiety and depression, which can be avoided if he switches to a healthy vegan diet.

Makes you slimmer: A vegan diet can reduce the fat content in your food and help you stay in shape. Non-vegetarians are nine times more likely to face weight issues than their vegan counterparts, due to unhealthy amounts of fat present in meat which slows down one’s metabolism and makes one pile on the kilos.

Prevents erectile dysfunction: Earlier, erectile dysfunction (ED) was believed to be largely caused by stress. But new research by the Erectile Dysfunction Institute states that ED is more a physical thing and a healthy lifestyle can help one stay fit and boost one’s libido. Consuming meat reduces blood flow to the sexual organs, which can hamper your sex drive and make you perform poorly in bed. Switching to veganism can improve your sex life and turn your lovemaking into a more satisfying experience.

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