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Massage Away Your Head Woes

Massage Away Your Head Woes

Whether you have had a long day at work, have issues of hair fall, or simply desire some TLC (tender love and care), a head massage with oil or a Champi, as the Indians fondly call it, always seem the perfect solution to it all.  Read on to know more about how this highly revered ancient Ayurvedic treatment can benefit your hair and overall health.

Improves blood circulation: A head massage stimulates our roots and relaxes the nerves in the crown of the head, facilitating better blood circulation to the hair follicles, and thereby hair growth. It also relaxes the body overall by making you feel light-headed.

Cures insomnia: If a person is suffering from insomnia, a head massage can relieve him by relaxing his mind and body, and induce good sleep and a peaceful rest.

Nostalgia: Every Indian nurses a fond memory of times when their mothers would sit them down and rub warm oil on their heads? All the children in the house would come together and sit in a descending order according to height, with each one rubbing oil on the younger one’s head. It was a scene of family bonding almost every household witnessed on Sundays. Even as adults, it is difficult to resist the chance to sit down in front of Mother for some tender love that irons out the sore stress of the week gone by!

De-stress therapy: Modern times have seen the traditional coconut oil being infused with essential oils like lavender, rose, jasmine, lemon, chamomile and such. Blends of coconut with almond, sesame, olive, castor, jojoba or argan oil are also available. These serve the dual purpose of de-stressing with aroma therapy and providing beauty benefits.

Reduces hair problems: Oil away your hair problems such as dandruff, dryness of hair, split ends, breakage and damage by strengthening and conditioning the hair with this 20 minute routine.

Better Stamina and Alertness: When you massage the head, the pressure you apply on the head stimulates the brain as well. It brings about a feeling of calmness as the head chakra is activated, which increases flow of energy and improves stamina and alertness.

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