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Nine Things Every Wife Loves To Hear

Nine Things Every Wife Loves To Hear

Communication is key to building any succeLoves ssful relationship. But in our busy lifestyle, we sometimes forget the importance of communicating with our loved ones. Regular communication with your partner can add some more magic to your relationship and help your love life sail smoothly, without major hurdles. And women for that matter, simply love to express their feelings and expect their men to do the same. So here are 9 things she expects you to say to prove your love, but won’t tell you.

I love you: These three magic words can liven up her day and renew the spark between you so fast that you’ll want to keep saying it over and over again! Remind her of your undying love for her through simple and sweet gestures such as holding hands, hugging, kissing, making her bed tea, doing the laundry for her or anything that you can think of and impresses her.

I’m there for you: Showing your support for her now and then lets her know that she’s not alone and makes her feel stronger and loved.

I need you: Letting her know that you need her, not just physically but also emotionally is something every woman loves to hear. Displaying your emotions for her freely and without inhibitions is attractive, but getting teary-eyed every time you see her is a big no-no!

I am sorry: It’s okay to commit mistakes. But it’s even better when you know you are at fault and make amends for it. It can heal your relationship quickly and you can soon go back to being peas and carrots again.

I want to know your opinion: Asking your wife’s opinion shows her that you value her thoughts and views and makes her feel important and cherished. If her suggestion or advice is good, let her know that and try to adopt it.

You’re beautiful: Telling her how beautiful or awesome she is reminds her of your love for her and makes her feel special and wanted. She will feel more secure and loved in your company, which will keep the romance between you alive and kicking.

Let me help you: Helping her out in domestic chores takes away a huge load of her head and makes her less irritable and snappy, besides giving you both more time together!

I am listening: A woman loves a man who can listen to her patiently. When she talks, keep your ears open and don’t zone out, or it kills the purpose of having a conversation. If you did not understand something she said, ask her about it so that she knows you’re paying attention or if she dislikes interruptions, ask her at the end.

Thank you: Sometimes it is so easy to take your loved ones for granted and forget their importance in your life. Showing your gratitude to your wife will make her feel respected and appreciated and will make her want to do things for you often.

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