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Plants And Herbs Which Freshen Your Home

Plants And Herbs Which Freshen Your Home

Nothing beats coming home in the evening after a long day at work and putting your feet up as you relax in a pleasant ambience. When your house smells fresh and fragrant, even its atmosphere seems to have a life of its own and makes your heart sing, “home sweet home”.  House these seven plants to keep your house smelling fresh and also reap their natural benefits.

Rose: Rose is an all-time favourite of most homes, due to its romantic and mesmerising fragrance. It comes in three major varieties – classic, modern hybrid and wild roses. Its aphrodisiac and overall healing properties make it a perfect addition to your home. Small button roses emanate the most aroma. Hand pick their petals and make some homemade rose jam.

Sweet bay: Sweet bay or bay laurel is an excellent ingredient in soups and curries, so bringing home a potted plant can enhance your skills in the kitchen, besides boosting your health greatly. It loves the sun and rich soil, but terracotta pots are a strict no-no, since they are porous, whereas sweet bay needs a good deal of water retention for it to grow well.

Mint: Mint is an important cooking ingredient and can be added to curries, salads, meat preparations and teas or simply chewed for a fresh and delightful taste. It is a perennial herb and grows quickly, so be careful to keep it away from other plants so that it can grow unrestricted.

Night blooming jasmine: The night blooming jasmine is also called Raat rani in India, which means the queen of the night. It is called so since it blooms only at night and lasts only for a day. Nevertheless, it is a huge favourite among Indian houses due to its charming and adorable fragrance, which makes its nocturnal appearance a treat to the senses.

Arabian jasmine: Arabian jasmine or Biblical jasmine, also known as mogra in India, is best grown in tropical climates. The intensely scented flower is most suitable for the Indian soil and weather and flourishes in the summer. Many Indian women make a garland out of its flowers and wound it around their hair, which not only makes their hair smell fresh and aromatic, but also makes them look attractive and elegant. Bring home a plant today and fill your home with its delightful fragrance!

Lemon: If you prefer citrusy scents, a lemon plant should be your pick. Lemon is a wonderful ingredient for cooking. From the zest of its skin to its juice, every pore of the lemon adds zing to every recipe you add it to. Its leaves have a wonderful scent, which will make your house smell fresh and fragrant all the time.

Lavender: Revered since ancient times by civilisations all over the world, lavender is easy to look after. Once the plant matures, it doesn’t need much maintenance except for watering only once in a week or fortnight. It is best grown in sunny locations, so be sure to place the pot in a spot where there is enough sunlight and less wind. Crush a few pods of the plant and leave them in corners of your home for a fragrant evening.

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