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Realistic Resolutions One Can Actually Achieve In 2017

Realistic Resolutions One Can Actually Achieve In 2017

2016 is coming to an end and 2017 is just waiting in the wings, ready to take centre stage. The New Year is when we all make resolutions in the hope of making some significant change in our life, only to either break them or postpone them to the next year. But there are some resolutions which you are sure to achieve if you are realistic about them. Here’s a list of realistic goals you are sure to excel at, in 2017.


I will not deprive myself of the food I love:  Most of the time, when we resolve to lose weight, we go on a ‘diet’ and cut out carbs, junk food, chocolates, fried food and a list of other foods. And the list includes some of our favourite foods too. Eventually the deprivation leads to craving and therefore, bingeing. So the key is to eat what you like in moderation and satiate your craving, rather than depriving yourself.

I will do the new workout: While it is important to work out or indulge in some form of exercise daily, most people find it difficult to keep up with their daily exercise ‘routine’. Since it’s a ‘routine’ one tends to get bored of it quite soon. Keep changing activities and pick fitness plans which excite you. It can even be a dance class, cycling session or a sports session.

I will read at least one book every month: Reading is important to broaden your perspective on the world around you. Of course, one manages to read the newspaper daily to be updated on events around the world, but reading books is important for mental growth. It might be difficult to read books which provide food for thought on a daily basis, but it is easy to read one book a month for sure.

I will go for regular medical check-ups: After crossing into your 30s, it is imperative to monitor your blood sugar, cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and other hormonal levels, so that you can nip a problem in the bud before it escalates. Also include an eye check-up in the list.

I will prioritise myself: In the hustle-bustle of daily life, and fulfilling our responsibility, we often forget to put ourselves on the priority list. Resolve to make time for yourself and do things which make you happy.

I will take a vacation at least once a year: A holiday with loved ones is extremely important as it improves the quality of your inter-personal relationships, gives you a break from the daily routine of life, and of course the joy of seeing a new place.

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