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Recommitting To The Broken New Year Resolutions

Recommitting To The Broken New Year Resolutions

The New Year has just passed and half of your resolutions have been already broken away. The problem is not with you. It’s because of those goals which are unrealistic in nature. So, what does it mean? Shall we drop the idea of slimming down or remaining happy? No, nothing like that…..


The main idea is to limit your goals and stick to them. Do not take up multiple resolutions and get entangled in all. Prioritise a single goal and focus on it in the best possible manner. The behavioural psychologist James Diclemente unleashes few simple ways which guide you towards recommitment of the broken resolutions:

  • Preparation: prepare yourself for the resolution from beforehand. Never jump to a resolution on a random basis. Just because you conceive a thought to slim down, you took a resolution for it. No, that’s not the right way. Ask yourself whether you will be able to beat down your food cravings and control yourself for it. Repeatedly try to motivate yourself and then commence with the implementation of the resolution.
  • Maintenance: “do not go back to your old habits. Let them be gone just like the old year” says James. If you keep going back to the dropped old habits then there is no point of taking the resolution. Let the old habits go off totally.
  • Tell about your goals to others: tell about your goals to others so that they may motivate you. You will try to upkeep the promises done to yourself. After all, you need to show others how much self-determined and disciplined you are.
  • Eliminate whatever gave you a set-back: why did you leave it? What actually halted your progress?

We all get hindered. It’s upon us to overcome these obstructions and continue doing better in our lives. If you find your goals to be overwhelming then part them up and do a small portion of it each day. Taking a back seat won’t help. Even if you achieve a gradual progress, that is fine and way better than stagnation.

The New Year resolutions are like a milestone of success. They should be present in our lives even if they create difficulties. These milestones help us to improve and do better. In absence of them, we shall become hopeless and bored.


If you want to be more productive, one needs to set goals and it’s really compulsory.  “Forgive yourself for breaking the resolutionsrevise and re-begin”. Check what went wrong and restart with more motivation.  “Your failure does not mean the end of the story”.

Take a break and reschedule everything once again. There is no hard and fast rule of committing the resolution specifically on the eve of New Year. The day you find yourself mentally prepared, make a resolution.

If you too have undergone something like this then please share your experiences with us. Leave a comment in the comment box below. You can also give some better suggestions for making the New Year resolutions firmer.

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