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Rehab is Resurrection

Rehab is Resurrection

When pop sensation and mother-of-two, Britney Spears, checked into rehab last year for the second time and returned as a transformed being, she set tongues wagging about her drug addiction and past behavioural issues. Having an on-off relationship with the rehab centres since 2007, Britney seemed to have overcome her past issues and climbed back to the top of her game. She then released hits after hits and proved that she is still the star that she always was. Her secret escape to a rehab last year was pinned down to a prescription drug she was using to overcome ADHD and to up her energy levels during her Las Vegas residency show, Britney: Piece of Me. But Britney has successfully overcome her substance abuse and seems to be in no mood to go back in again! On the occasion of her birthday today, we give you four reasons why going to rehab like this wonder woman is highly advisable for victims of substance abuse and other addictions.

Frees you from the clutches of drugs and alcohol… and even death: In an interview to MTV in 2008, Britney opened up about her battle with her drug addiction during which she said, ‘I sit there and I look back and I’m like, “I’m a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?”‘ Drugs and alcohol can affect us in ways we cannot even imagine. Although we may experience a heady feeling and surge in energy on consuming these toxic elements, once that feeling goes away, we are left drained of our energies and vitality and though we may not know it, we end up looking like a charity case who can at best be pitied. Moreover, the decisions we take during that heady period can be highly irrational and dangerous and pose a health risk to us as well as those around us.

Provides you with a good support system: A rehab gives you the opportunity to be surrounded with people like you who are trying their best to overcome their addictions. A good network of like-minded, positive people can help you recover from your current state quicker and guide you to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. They can help you stay on the right track even after you leave the rehab centre, so that you stay clean and addiction-free for a long time to come.

Helps you lead a holistic and successful life: During her tryst with drugs, Britney had let herself crumble under their influence and taken a series of irrational decisions which sabotaged her career and life altogether. Addictions can encourage us to live a wasteful, purposeless life which squeezes out all our ambition, drive, passion and hunger. It makes our goals seem pointless and makes us pursue things which in the long run, may not matter to us at all. It turns us into a shell of our former self and leaves us feeling empty and wasted. Although there are cases of drug addicts and alcoholics becoming successful and famous people, they constitute just a handful of fish in the vast, endless ocean. The rest spiral down to an abyss, from which it can be difficult to return to a normal, sane life. Going to a rehab centre brings you out of this emptiness and void that has taken over your life and help you find yourself again.

Breathes life into relationships: When we are drowned in our addictions, we may often be rude and belligerent towards those around us, especially those whom we love. Such behaviour can be extremely detrimental to our personal and social life, since we may inadvertently distance our loved ones and break off relationships, even if we do not intend to. A rehab centre helps you understand your behaviour and cope better with your weaknesses, so that you can return quickly to your loved ones and lead a happy life with them.


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