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Seven Facts You Didn’t Know About The World’s Greatest Animator, Walt Disney

Seven Facts You Didn’t Know About The World’s Greatest Animator, Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney or Walt Disney, the renowned creator of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, was one of the greatest and most-loved American animators and businessmen who filled our childhood days with sweet memories of adorable cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck. It being his birthday today, we take the opportunity to bring you some fun facts about his life, which is a subject of much interest to fans all around the world.

  • Flouting the idea that adults could not have fun in an amusement park, Walt Disney created Disneyland, a place where children and adults could enjoy together. The idea was born when one day, Disney was sitting on a bench in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, watching his children ride a merry-go-round and realised that he too would like a ride! That park bench is now available for public display in Disneyland’s Opera House.
  • Disney’s most popular creation, Mickey Mouse was initially named Mortimer Mouse by him, but it was his wife who suggested that the name Mortimer sounded too ‘pompous’ and to change it to the name we all love today, Mickey Mouse. Later on, the name Mortimer went to Micky’s rival mouse who appeared in later episodes.
  • A minor planet which was discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Karachkina in 1980, is named ‘4017 Disneya’ after Disney!
  • His employees were no less ingenious than him. To alert the others when Disney arrived to work, they used a codename, ‘man is in the forest’, which would set everyone scurrying off to work!
  • Wall-E, the 2008 American computer-animated comic sci-fi film, is also named after Disney.
  • When Technicolor’s 3-strip colour film process arrived in 1932, Walt Disney quickly jumped at the opportunity and bought exclusive rights to it for two years, which made him the only animator who could make colour animated films for that period!
  • Disney is the only person who received as many as 22 Academy Awards and 59 nominations, all within the span of 37 years, between 1932 and 1969.

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