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This Beautiful Poem On Silence Will Make You Fall In Love With The Art Of Silence

This Beautiful Poem On Silence Will Make You Fall In Love With The Art Of Silence

The journey of discovering oneself can only made by sitting silently in one’s company and listening to one’s inner voice in silence. In the din of worldly noise around us, listening to one’s thoughts can be a luxury. But if one is able to find the silence within, the lessons of the universe are only waiting to be told. Worsdsmith Neha Ved pens a poetic verse on the power of SILENCE and it’s relation with self-discovery.


A gamut of thoughts cavorted around her,

They tried to seek her attention, loud and clear.

But she refused them any obeisance

She had, after all, fallen in love with SILENCE.


She now had ears for nothing and no one else

They were all a din, humdrum, sheer noise that made no sense.

The heart of her inner self beat a loud thumping beat

Making all other senses and the outside world obsolete.


She had braved the storm

She had come into the calm

She was held back by no convention or norm

She walked out of the fire with aplomb


She had come into her own, but the world knew it not.

She had found the earth beneath her feet, but the noise-makers were aware of it not.

She had flown above the white clouds into the vast, blue sky, but the naysayers accepted it not.


She had embraced SILENCE like a lover

She had worn SILENCE like a cloak to cover

She had bathed in SILENCE to be baptised anew

She had become SILENCE to the enter the realm of a few


– Neha Ved

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