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Simplifying Life By Seeing Good In Others

Simplifying Life By Seeing Good In Others

Seeing “good” in others not only makes you happy about their presence of others but also generates a sense of tolerance and love. If you keep looking others as “defected pieces”, (probably I shouldn’t use this word!) Then you can never feel satiated by their companionships.  In order to generate eternal relations, we must always look others with a positive window.

It’s not that easy to ignore the bad that people might have. We have been cultivated in such an environment where we get habitual of pointing out the bad in others despite their thousands of dispositions. Even if we say “this is a perfect person”, then too the word “but” is always there to point out the bad quality they have.

Good Things

We never end up just by saying that “he is a good person”; rather we say that he is a good person “but” that particular day he behaved badly. Most of us do not identify people with their attributes. We look towards their negativities which constantly run in the background of our minds thereby making us behave “not so well “with them.

There have been human races who have initiated mass killings, wars, child molestations and pyramid schemes. It is definitely very difficult to have a sense of forgiveness and positivity for them. Such people have affected so many innocent beings with their heinous deeds. To make the situations worse, our brain constantly rebels with them and generates a “negative bias”.

The most common example of biasness is relationship with animals. Maximum of the people have a very positive relationships with their pets. However, once you were bitten by them, there would always be reluctance to adore them. You are most likely to feel scared and avoid them. The negative experience over captivates your brain and constantly stimulates those negative thoughts.

Good Deeds

The “negative bias” is so deeply rooted in our minds that it rules us throughout our lives. We label people as “good” and “bad”. How far is it meaningful? Labelling a thief as “bad” is definitely correct. However, there can be some exceptions like Robin Hood who steal things from the rich and gives them to the starving poor.

Here, I simply don’t mean to protect their deeds or call them morally correct. But, what I personally want to say is that terming them as “bad” is slightly immature. The way we identify people is totally a subjective phenomenon. The generated labels can never be intrinsic or viable. Try to challenge your labels and do not take them as final verdicts.

Good Deeds

Investigate things, self-actualise and then decide whether they are actually worth a “negative tag”? Just compare their overall deeds and look what is going on in the world. May be their level of being bad is not as high as you may be thinking. Life becomes really easy when you begin to look towards the sunshine. Be slow and substantial in your judgments. Interact with an open mind and try to grasp their mental state before concluding anything about anyone.

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