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Single, Rich And Happy

Single, Rich And Happy

In an age when romantic songs and stories adorn the big screen and the benefits of being in a relationship are much talked about, people forget the charm and simplicity of singledom. It was a time when they had all the freedom and time in the world to do exactly what they liked and when they liked. If you are single and not ready to mingle, give yourself a pat on your back, because there ought to be no pressure to lose that ‘single’ tag until you are ready for it. And to anyone who judges you or reminds you that “time is flying”, tell them this:

Family time: Remember those days when you could quietly sit down for a family dinner without worrying about when your boyfriend/ girlfriend will call you? Or the time when you could sit down and talk to your parents without having to reply to his/ her text message? Being single gives you more time on your hands, which can be used wisely to spend some time with your family and listen to their wisecracks and laughter, uninterrupted!

Guilt-free flirting: This is something most people miss once they begin dating! The freedom of talking to the opposite sex without inhibitions becomes restricted when that someone special enters your life. Even if he/ she is not jealous or extremely possessive, there are some who feel self-conscious or guilty automatically, which they may have never felt earlier.

Be rich: Those who are single usually have more money to spend and save as compared to their dating friends. Once you get into a relationship, you are obligated to go out more, dine out and watch more movies than you used to. Although a lot of fun, this can burn a hole in the pocket of many lovers. So all you singletons out there, enjoy your days of wealth and control your finances as you wish to!

Fun with friends: Friendship is one of the greatest treasures which comforts and stays with you even when everything else leaves you. Lack of a romantic partner makes you free to go out and let your hair down with your bestie, which is something you may probably miss when you are in a relationship. Utilise this time to create some awesome memories with your friends and deepen your bonds with them.

Work it up: Although for some, romance in their life boosts their creativity and productivity and makes them work better, for many others, balancing both their love life and career becomes a difficult task. Late nights at office feel even more cumbersome when you can simply go out on a date and have some fun. Use this time well to further your career and earn that well-deserved promotion.

Me time: When you are not dating, spending some quality time with the most important person in your life (in case you are wondering who, it’s you!) becomes easier. You can simply pack up your bags and take that trip you have long dreamt of, or attend a self-improvement class without having to be answerable to your lover. You can do anything you want, be it reading, painting, dancing, singing or cooking and not have to watch out constantly for that beep on your phone.

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