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Six Things We Learn From Tyra Banks

Six Things We Learn From Tyra Banks

Successful model, talk show host, actress, singer, author, businesswoman, wife and mother… Tyra Banks adorns these titles and more with commendable grace and elan. The beautiful actress who is blessed with oodles of talent and brains celebrates her birthday today. So on this wonderful day, we would like to share six things we learn from her fabulous and inspiring life.

The sky is the limit: Tyra became a model at the age of 15 and went on to join the Victoria’s Secret glamorous gang of girls, win the VH1’s 1997 Supermodel of the Year and the Emmy Award twice and rank among the world’s highest-paid models.

Societal prejudices and stereotypes cannot distort your vision: Despite being called an ugly duckling since childhood, Tyra never let her dark colour bog her down. In fact, it only inspired her to achieve more. She was the first African-American model to feature on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and be a part of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalogue. She is also one of four African Americans and seven women to be repeatedly listed among the world’s most influential people by Time Magazine.

Widen your horizons: Achieving success in one field does not mean you cannot do well in another. Follow your heart and pursue your interests, however diverse they may be. Be it acting, singing, modelling, hosting, writing or business, Tyra pursues all these endeavours and goals with brilliance and panache.

Respect yourself first and foremost: Having been a victim of emotional abuse, Tyra has been vocal about standing up for yourself and loving yourself first. In 2005, she had revealed, “A specific relationship had not just cheating but emotional abuse. It was really bad, but that made me strong.” Only when you love and respect yourself can you do the same to others. Do not take bullshit lying down and fight against others if you need to, but ensure your integrity and self-worth are not compromised.

Keep learning and growing: Despite being a popular and well-known actress, model and TV host, Tyra Banks ventured into business by launching a cosmetics brand of her own, after successfully completing a certificate program from Harvard Business School. An important lesson that she teaches us here is, do not let your education, or the lack of it, define your success. If you need to learn more in order to achieve your goals, do not hesitate. Just take the plunge and work hard to accomplish your goals.

Help others: Your achievements and success must only make you a better person than you were yesterday. Use your position and influence not to harm others, but to do good to them. Tyra has been an avid champion for women’s rights and education and her TZONE Foundation is founded on these very principles of supporting women and their various needs, be it physical, mental, emotional, educational or social.

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