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Social Media: The New Age Cupid

Social Media: The New Age Cupid

Social networking is an advanced technology that helps you keep in touch with your loved ones. A number of platforms and websites help you to create profiles as well as upload and share pictures, texts videos. In today’s era of technology people in their busy lives can stay in touch virtually through social media. It plays a predominant and crucial role in your lives by reuniting us with old friends. Nowadays, Phone calls have been replaced by texts.

Social media can assist you in finding people with similar tastes and preferences. As it is a tedious and difficult task to find a life partner, social media has made this task effortless. It excites you by giving an opportunity to meet new individuals. Virtual dating is now in trend than the monotonous traditional way of dating. You can connect with any person sitting in the far corners of the world subsequent to creation of profiles on social media platforms. Online relationships and dating has become widespread and has incredibly increased as the craze among youngsters to ‘meet their special one’ on online dating sites have grown.

Social networking has helped us achieve that which we couldn’t even imagine a few years back when dating and approaching people was unfamiliar. It has helped many introverts in gaining confidence to connect with people virtually which would not have been possible otherwise. Social networking can show you the way to start a relationship which can eventually lead to meeting up and ‘face to face interaction and talks.

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The increase in growth of Matrimonial sites has been seen in a few years. Matrimonial websites can help finding the perfect life partner for you. The conventional way of partner search has been replaced by the new method of partner searching through these websites. Here people get a chance to find their prospective matches, scrutinizing and short listing profiles has become the 13th most popular activity which is done online.

People can get registered by paying a minimal amount of fee to these sites and therefore get access to visit different profiles. Here they can approach people they like; also many websites can help you make the right decision by doing a background check of your partner. Finding a compatible partner and a partner with similar interests is no more difficult as these sites do the perfect matchmaking for you. They also provide you with horoscope and kundali matching for people who believe in guna Milan. There are many success stories of people who have found their perfect life partner with the help of these sites.

Social networking has encouraged people finding their love but it also comes with its own pros and cons, so if you are looking to get hooked up through online websites you need to keep a few things in mind before doing so:


  • Getting to meet virtual strangers


Social media is a platform where you get to interact with complete strangers although there’s a chance of getting to know a person through his profile and blogs but sitting behind the screen you cannot trust someone completely and are at a threat of meeting dangerous people. In order to avoid this, you should be cautious before meeting new people.


  • Mismatch relationships


Social networking has helped many in growing their relationship despite time crunch and busy lives of people; it cannot replace the old fashioned way of meeting and togetherness. Too much virtual chatting can never help in judging one’s nature and can lead to mismatched hook ups and relationships.

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  • Fake conversations


While chatting online people can pretend to be someone they are actually not, While flirtatious chatting they can try to be more sweet and caring than they are in their actual lives. Immorality and having multiple affairs can also be a concern, therefore one need to be extra cautious while searching a partner online.


  • Depending on online sites for expressing love


While dating online people get habitual to express their love to their partners through texts and messages, they never take efforts to verbally show their love to their partners. People get glued to their phones and avoid physical contact with anyone this can be harmful and hinder growth and understanding in a relationship.

So thats the power of Social Media, in digital world by just click of a mouse you can get your life partner but you also need to be aware of the repercussions you can face by choosing a mismatched life partner.


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