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Teachings Of Dalai Lama On Anger Management

Teachings Of Dalai Lama On Anger Management

Anger is quite a natural phenomenon that all humans face at some of the other points of their lives.  It is all upon us that how we exactly use it. If you are able to establish a control upon your anger and channelize it towards its best utilisation, then the same anger shall be a source of motivation for you. On the anger hand, if you allow the anger to overpower you then it will destroy your ability to think and create adverse circumstances.

The teachings of Dalai Lama regarding anger management are not easy to practice. Transformation of anger into peace, kindness and love is something that cannot be implemented by everyone. However, once you get  the insight of his teachings, you will definitely create a control over yourself to some extent.

Dalai Lama

The article shall end up teaching you some simple and practical ways through which you can embrace your anger.

Anger is a form of suffering that needs to be merged with compassion

Dalai Lama says “if someone is able to make you angry then use this opportunity in form of cultivating compassion. If you allow the anger to overrule you then it will be difficult for to withstand the presence of that person and you will finally urge to exit.”

The worst situation is encountered when you response to someone else`s anger with redoubled anger. If possible, then try to understand the situation of the other person and behave compassionately. Eventually, you will find that the anger has diminished without leaving any negative outputs.

Anger is a creation of your own mind

Anger Management

If you consider it deeply then you will find that anger generates only when you fan it through your thoughts. Controlling your mind is really important if you want to reduce those anger pangs. Here we do not mean to advise you for meditation or psychotherapy, but we simply mean to say that you should be more respectful to others and keep silent when feeling annoyed with some. As soon as you begin to realise the sameness of the human beings, you will start discovering how things have begun to change.

Dalai Lama continues:

“With compassion and kindness, mental peace can be wrested. Mental unrest is not desired by anyone. Depression and ignorance emanates out of sour behavior”

“Our anger makes us lose some of our best virtues- the power to differentiate between right and wrong. After the anger occupies our mind, we do not remain humans in a complete sense. The mental capacity of judgment gets destructed and we are no better than those reckless animals that fight with each other for no reason”

The final words which are particularly strong:

“When you feel that anger is getting out of your control, try to direct your mind to something else. Just breathe forcefully and count till 20-25 for reducing the anger to some extent. However, if your anger is extremely strong, then counting till 25 is a mere joke. Hiding the anger within generates lifelong hatred and negative feeling. It’s better to say few nasty words instead of living with anger for years”

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