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Tech Detox Before Bedtime

Tech Detox Before Bedtime

Social media plays a heavy role in our lives today. Its importance pervades every sphere of our life now, be it our relationships, career, education and even travel and other hobbies. People today can’t just stop posting about their daily schedule, culinary experiments, itinerary, fashion tricks, even pets!!! But sadly, many people have forgotten how to take a break from this new invention. Many will testify to the fact that they lie awake all night, texting and uploading pictures, while compromising on their sleep, which negatively affects their productivity and overall performance. Read on to know more about why it is important of taking a break from social media, especially at night, before you go to sleep.

  • Development of psychological issues: This obsessive behaviour of constantly posting their personal happenings is termed as attention seeking practice by psychologists. Often the person who is habituated to constant posting, tends to be affected by the amount of likes and comment he begets. He tends to judge his self-worth on that basis, leading to increased stress levels and anxiety for acceptance. He also starts comparing his life with others which can lead to manic depression, which severely affects their mental health and social behaviour.

Low productivity: Lack of sleep or improper sleep, leads to constant tiredness and sleepiness, resulting in bad performance and a lower level of productivity.

Insomnia: Social media, despite all its advantages, can be addictive and not let people sleep peacefully at night. A single beep can make many people reach for their phones immediately, even if it is 4 am, which is the time when one is the deepest state of

Harms relationships: Sometimes, people get so occupied in the virtual world that they forget to connect with people better in the real world. They do not spend time with their loved ones as they are busy living up to their public image. It would be best if you leave your phone and social networking aside and share a few laughs with your loved ones before you sleep.

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