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The Art of Letting Things Go

The Art of Letting Things Go

New phases of life are started by ending the earlier chapters. Everyone at some point of time has to let go of things and move forward by making correct decisions in life. but often people tend to cling to the past thereby denying to move on and redeem their lives. Acceptance and change are a law of nature. Refusing to admit the change can lead to suffering. It will stagnate you and can never help you move forward in life. Obsession for something for a prolonged period of time can be detrimental.

We need to learn that many times things don’t happen the way we wanted them to be. With age and practical contact with life, we learn to forget things and move on. But sometimes we are adamant to “not let it go”. We convince our minds that it is the right thing to do and act stubborn to accept the change. We actually need to understand that there should be stability maintained in our lives. Negative things should not overpower the good in our life and if it is happening it’s time to get hold of your life and impose a better control.

These are a few tips you can adopt if you feel that you are stuck in life and cannot persuade your mind to move on:

 1. Distract your mind

You need to try to focus on the brighter things in life. Develop a hobby or do something that you always wanted to do. Make new friends and hang out with them. Initiate talk with people, learn to understand their point of view towards life. Meditate or practice yoga this will assist you in attaining a serene and peaceful mind. You can do things that please you indulge in self-pampering if that is what makes you happy. The more you learn to distract yourself, you are less likely to lament over the past and your thoughts will disappear. Willingness is a prominent aspect that needs to be implemented to let go. Once you master the act of distraction you will never look back and will be able to let go of the past promptly.

Brighten Up

 2. Express your grief

Don’t hold back your emotions or try to hide them. Cry it out until your mind is soothed. By concealing your emotions you are emotionally straining yourself. Satiate your heart by expressing your sadness. Don’t feel it is inappropriate to cry socially or you are being judged for it. You need to pay heed and follow your heart. Share your sorrow with a partner who can help you overcome your grief. It is okay to find a support to help you sail through tough times. By expressing your grief to someone who can help you, your problems can be vanquished. Give priority to yourself and learn to take care of your own and get to know the things that make you happy. Time can heal all wounds, you have to be patient and gather the courage to move on.

 3. Focus on your dreams

Whatever unfortunate happens in your life never forget your aspirations or the things you have achieved in your life. Everyone dreams big, Try to concentrate on fulfilling it and making your dreams come true. Sometimes it is hard to forget someone, be it the end of a relationship or the death of a close person. Their memories will always torment and distress you. Remember, life never waits for anyone you have to deal with the sorrow and learn to propel in life. Just think of it in such a way that the ones who loved you would ever be happy seeing you in such a broken state. Even though your soul will always miss your loved ones you have to be determined to manipulate your emotions and concentrate on rooting for a smart future.


 4. Look towards the positive side of life

Sometimes it is right to believe that everything happens for a cause. The thing that disturbs you today has gone because you deserved something better in life. Love and relationships can happen anytime. Breakups teach you to be strong and how to move on in life. It also teaches you a life long lesson. Being emotionally attached to a person can give you happiness, but not at the expense of ruining your life. You have to explore new opportunities in life end of a phase can prove to be a blessing in disguise. Tomorrow or the coming future that is awaiting for you can be a bright new experience to learn try to gain the best out of it to give a new definition to life.

 5. Feelings are a true guide; pen them down

Your feelings will always give you the correct feedback they will tell you when you are feeling low or when you are completely energised. Listen to your feelings, try emoting them down through writing. You can write about the bad experiences of life and how you are planning to deal with it. This will make you firm and resolute and help in handling the situation in a better way. Your feeling can actually tell you whether the decision you take in the future will be purposeful or not.

Think Positive

It is also important to say that you have to learn to live in the present without worrying about the future. Your present needs to have a strong base for your future to grow and develop. Regretting the past is a waste of time. You cannot change it so stop thinking about it. Relax and take some time out. Your all problems can resort if you are inclined and prepared to do. So if you are facing such a situation in life stop mourning and keep in mind a new chapter of life is waiting for you. Start to traverse from today itself.

Start appreciating the good things in you, never underestimate yourself if you start loving yourself your complex life will be much easier to live.

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