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The Changing Face Of Ice Cream

The Changing Face Of Ice Cream

With blistering heat and sweat pouring down our foreheads, grabbing a refreshing, cooling ice cream candy or cone seems like the best thing to do. But with more people becoming calorie-conscious today, they are slowly switching to low-fat desserts such as sorbets and slushies to get their cooling fix. Let us take a look at the old as well as new healthier and cooler alternatives to the classic ice cream.

Gelato: The Italian alternative to ice cream, gelato is lighter, smoother and less sweeter than ordinary ice cream. It contains more milk than cream and less air goes into its preparation, which means you can enjoy its flavour better!

Frozen yoghurt: Frozen yoghurt is a healthy and tasty way to cool down your body and mind without piling up kilos. It not only serves as a cool dessert, but also builds your immunity to fight infections with its probiotic nature.

Ice popsicles: Ice popsicles, a frozen dessert made of crushed ice and fruit drizzles, has been a favourite of children and adults alike. Called ‘gola’ in India, it is a cheaper and fat-free version of ice candy and refreshes you instantly. In India, an ice popsicle seller can be found in every nook and corner, especially near schools, colleges and offices.

Granita: A slightly crunchier version of a slushie and a sorbetto, a granita is an Italian frozen food and a much loved alternative to the ice cream. Filled with ice and fruit, it is a delicious and nutritious way to cool down in a hot summer.

Sorbetto: An Italian favourite, a sorbetto is also known as sorbet in French. It is simply a mixture of ice, fresh fruit, sugar syrup and lemon juice. It is a fun way to chill out after a long and tiring afternoon and is dairy-free and extremely healthy. But watch out for the sugary syrup, since it make your fitness plan go for a slight toss.

Frozen kefir: Kefir, a cultured and fermented drink made from milk, has recently found its right place among the healthy food options in the market. It is an immunity-building food, which aids in digestion and is healthier than even yoghurt. When had in its frozen form, it can serve as a frozen dessert without increasing your waistline. It also fights against cholesterol, depression, insomnia, intestinal disorders and can be enjoyed in a variety of flavours.

Fruit slushies: If you prefer a more liquid form of the ice pop, you can go for a fruit slushie, which is not only easy to make, but also kind to your waistline. It is gluten-free and dairy-free. So you can rest assured of health and taste under one roof. You can add yoghurt and honey to add to the flavour and goodness of the slushie.

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